OPM Previews Its New Cyber Workforce Dashboard

The dashboard will launch after the agency has determined what data to make publicly available.

NIST Looks to Improve Recruitment with Augmented Writing Software

The agency will use the platform to center diversity, equity and inclusion in its hiring efforts.

OPM Guidance Lays Out Vision for ‘Exceptional’ Internship Programs at Agencies

Agencies should expand the number of interns they hire each year, among other things.

Former Presidential Innovation Fellow Stresses the Program’s Importance for Tech Recruitment

Current VA CTO Charles Worthington noted that PIF and other programs offer an important avenue for technologists to serve the public, while the government is looking to attract top talent.

Tech Gig Workers Love the Flexibility, Report Finds

As the government looks to fill tech positions, it could consider offering some of the benefits that workers like about freelancing, such as flexibility and remote work.

2023: The Year of Modern Government

COMMENTARY | Governments will need to embrace a people-first approach in their modernization journeys.

Lawmakers Propose a Federal Reserve Corps for Digital Talent

The bipartisan legislation seeks to address the government’s tech and cyber needs by enabling industry professionals to bring their skills and experience to the federal level.

NSF Awards $29M in New CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Grants

The funding will go to nine universities in 2023 to support building the next generation of cyber professionals.

EEOC on the Lookout for Tech-Fueled Employment Bias

The employment rights enforcement agency announced plans to crack down violations of anti-discrimination rules stemming from the use of AI and algorithmic decision-making software.

VA’s Initiative to Recruit Laid Off Tech Workers is Paying Off, Official Says

The VA’s ongoing efforts to recruit high-skilled professionals displaced by layoffs across the tech sector are helping to fill a host of tech-related vacancies in the department.

FTC Proposes Ban on Noncompetes, Which Agency Says Stifle Innovation

Opponents of noncompetes have long argued that the agreements have a harmful impact on competition, particularly on the tech sector’s ability to develop cutting-edge devices and services.

What Should the Government Do in 2023 to Fill its Cyber Workforce Shortage?

The threat of cyberattacks makes filling these positions critical, experts say.

Changing Government Engagement in 2023

Four trends are showing improvements in the daily work of government employees.

Military Branches Losing Expensive Cyber Talent to the Private Sector, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office found that the lack of required service time commitments within some of the military branches is making it difficult to retain personnel who have completed expensive and advanced cyber courses.

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis Reportedly Set to Retire in the Coming Months, Reports Say

The first national cyber director has been shepherding the White House’s national cyber strategy with the help of industry professionals and cybersecurity experts.

Social Media Monitoring in the Security Clearance Process

What – if anything – is the government considering in an online search of security clearance applicants?