DHS Launches 'Largest Customer Experience Hiring Initiative’ with Hundreds of Technologist Positions

The agency’s recruitment initiative comes in response to President Joe Biden’s 2021 executive order seeking to streamline the “government-to-customer delivery process.”

More Than 1 in 3 Government Employees Haven’t Taken a Vacation in Last Year, Survey Says

Public sector employees cite the cost of taking time off as a key reason why they aren’t vacationing.

Americans Think They Know a Lot About Politics—and It’s Bad for Democracy That They’re so Often Wrong in Their Confidence

Many Americans think they know much more about politics than they really do. That overconfidence can thwart democratic politics.

It's Official: Biden Formalizes Average 4.6% Pay Raise Plan for Feds in 2023

The annual declaration of a national emergency preventing large automatic pay increases from taking effect confirms that 0.5% of the total pay raise will go to an average increase in locality pay.

Much-hyped Effort to Help DHS Land Cyber Talent is Slow to Make Hires

So far about four hires have been made under the Cybersecurity Talent Management System, with the agency hoping to make offers to 150 new cyber specialists by the end of September.

CISA Seeks Software Engineers to Build New Registrar for .Gov Domain

The agency is taking new hiring authorities out for a spin in the recruitment effort to make state and local government websites more secure

The Perks of Positivity May Depend on Race and Culture

"There may be nuance in terms of what positive psychological factors protect people, depending on their race and their culture...""

Crucial Help Wanted at Cyber Director’s Office as CHIPS Act Adds to Responsibilities

The Office of the National Cyber Director is looking to fill two critical positions, while a recent executive order requires participation on a new steering council.

Recent Grads Often Don’t Consider Federal Employment, Survey Says

Many federal agencies continue to face critical workforce gaps in areas like cybersecurity, IT and automation.

Just 1 Hour of Lost Sleep Saps Our Generosity

New research links lack of sleep to reduced generosity, suggesting a link between lost rest and broad social problems.

Government IT Networks May Not be Ready for Office Return, Survey Says

Legacy government IT systems and network infrastructure may struggle to provide the same quality as more workers return to the office.

Dr. Fauci Will Leave Government, But Isn’t Retiring

“The United States of America is stronger, more resilient, and healthier because of him,” said President Biden. 

A Civil Servant's Effort to Humanize Government, One Fed at a Time

An effort to tell the stories of government workers has the goal of letting the American people know that public servants actually care.

Industries Embracing Automation Also Face Widening Skills Gaps, Report Finds

The Government Accountability Office noted that all education levels have important skills for in-demand jobs, but higher education levels provide workers with more in-demand skills.

Top Democrats Accuse the DHS Watchdog of Obstructing Their Investigations

Inspector General Joseph Cuffari defended his office’s work, but lawmakers pushed back.