After 20 Years of Civilian Drone Strike Deaths, the Pentagon Creates An Office to Stop More

The military keeps repeating mistakes and is not ready for future fights because the lessons learned have not been instilled throughout the DOD, an independent review found.

Creepy, Cool and Coherent: Potential Government Tech Shines at CES 2022

From humanoid robots to zero-emissions drones, CES was filled with lots of tech that may be relevant to government soon.

Navy Wants Biosynthetic Materials to Hit with Fire and Laser Strikes

Officials would also like to see how drones can be benefitted by nature-inspired material.

Legislation Could Mandate DOD to Review How it Categorizes Drones

The lawmaker that proposed it said he hopes to make it easier for the military to operationalize new UAS technologies.

FAA Warns Of Holiday Laser-Light Display Dangers To Pilots

2021 broke records for the highest number of annual laser strikes, which can incapacitate pilots and endanger aircraft passengers.

State Department Wants to Disrupt Colombian Coca Harvest with Drones

Training for a team from the South American nation's police force is also needed.

Swarms May Offer Next Level Artificial Intelligence

NASA wants to push the concept of swarm intelligence to new heights.

Military Drone Testing Could Lead to Future Deployments and Roles

Theoretically, autonomous vehicles and drones could play a decisive role on the modern battlefield.

State to Supply Costa Rican Police With Drones to Crack Down on Drug Trade

The program would start with eight small UAS, with plans to increase the number to 40 or more if successful.

Bird-Mimicking Electric Drone Hits New Endurance Record

As the military grapples with connecting more things over longer distances, recent flight reveals a way forward.

Researchers Create Drone Swarms That Can Detect Gas Leaks, Other Threats

A new algorithm called “Sniffy Bug” shows how tiny drones will do dangerous work even in areas where they can’t use GPS.

Counter-drone Startup Successfully Links Capability with Key Army C2 Software

The software-defined high-power microwave solution created by Epirus is also compatible with anything else that integrates with the C2 software. 

An Expert on Search and Rescue Robots Explains the Technologies Used in Disasters Like the Florida Condo Collapse

Such tech can be useful tools but can be cost-prohibitive for public safety agencies.

Name the Emotion You Want Drone Video to Capture

Researchers worked on ways for the drone to help create exciting videos rather than rely on the operator's skill.