GPS Lessons from Before 9/11 Still Endanger the U.S.

“Public policy must ensure, primarily, that safety is maintained even in the event of loss of GPS,” officials wrote in the 2001 Volpe Report.

Defense Wants to Know More About Potential Barriers for Small Businesses Contracting 

The department has met its goals in that area, but is looking to do even better. 

We Cannot Afford to Wait to Bolster Maritime Cybersecurity

Maritime ransomware attacks are on the rise.

FBI Official: Russia Is Not Cooperating with U.S. Against Ransomware Threat

Administration officials promised consequences after a meeting between presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

Military Intel Officials Highlight Efforts to Counter Online Disinformation

Adversaries take advantage of moments in real time, such as when efforts are focused on withdrawing from Afghanistan.

DOD Funds HBCUs to Advance Biotechnology and Materials Science Research

New Centers of Excellence will house an array of future-facing studies.

How Equipment Left In Afghanistan Will Expose US Secrets

Even rendered inoperable, equipment now in the hands of the Taliban will yield troves of information about how the U.S. builds weapons and uses them.

Air Force Looks to Kaiju for Advanced Anti-Aircraft Countermeasures

Project Kaiju—expected in January—will include nine efforts named after famous giant monsters.

Army Researchers Turn to DOD Supercomputers to Digitally Twin Gas Turbine Engine

It could lead to “disruptive new engine designs,” an engineer involved said.

Air Force Wants to Spot Potential Outbreaks in Personnel Sooner with Wearables

Top officials are also looking into data integration and digital traceability tools to help keep staff healthy.

Air Force’s First Software Chief Steps Down

Leader of a Pentagon-wide DevSecOps initiative, Nicolas Chaillan cited lack of support from senior leadership as one reason for his  departure. 

Navy Expands Uniform Policy to Permit Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches

Such announcements are made when the need for standards revisions have been confirmed and approved by leadership.  

No US Military Dogs Were Left Behind in Afghanistan, DOD Says

Pentagon officials say the caged dogs in viral photos aren’t military working dogs, all of which were evacuated.

Annual Defense Policy Bill Includes Repeal of Two-Year Probationary Period for Pentagon Hires

The reduction of the probationary period to one year is among several provisions in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act that will affect civilian personnel.

Air Force Software Chief Provides Update on DOD’s Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative

He shared hard numbers to demonstrate how the massive implementation is saving the department time and money.

The Taliban Reportedly Have Control of US Biometric Devices – a Lesson in Life-and-Death Consequences of Data Privacy

The Defense Department viewed “identity dominance” as the cornerstone of multiple counterterrorism strategies.