Navy elevates CIO role

The Navy is establishing a new special assistant to the secretary for information management/CIO to enforce cybersecurity standards, have a say in IT acquisition and develop data and digital strategies.


Marines look to hit key JRSS milestone by year's end

The Marines Corps expects to complete the first implementation of the Joint Regional Security Stacks in Quantico, Va.. by the end of 2019.


Lessons learned from DOD's bug bounty programs

The Marines Corps Cyber Command just completed a month-long bug bounty program, but there's much more work to do.


Meet the Marines' new CIO

Brig. Gen. Lorna Mahlock talks about how the service is looking to gain technical advantage.


USMC names new CIO

Brig. Gen. Lorna Mahlock takes over as CIO at the U.S. Marine Corps.


Marines take lessons from special forces in crafting cyber career path

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert B. Neller said long-term stability is key: "Once you’re, in you’re in."


Navy axes CIO office in reorg

Navy Undersecretary Thomas Modly announced his new role as Navy CIO, collapsing the previous office that oversaw IT guidance for the Marine Corps and Navy.


Armed services plan for an increasingly mobile future

The Air Force, Marine Corps and Army are looking to bring logistics tracking and wireless learning capabilities to mobile devices for troops.


Learning to 'fight through the hurt'

Rear Adm. Danelle Barrett wants U.S. cyber forces to be able fight through "Puerto Rico levels" of devastation.


Federal employees honored for tech, humanitarian work

At a time of generally low public trust in government, the Partnership for Public Service honored the work of civil servants at its annual awards gala.


Military IT chiefs want combat-ready infrastructure

Army CIO Maj. Gen. Peter Gallagher said current DOD networks aren't necessarily what's required for the next conflict.


Student cyber teams do battle

Student cyber teams from the military academies are doing battle with an NSA-led red cell trying to disable their networks in the NSA's annual Cyber Defense Exercise.


Marines want industry help with mobility

U.S. Marine forces operations are increasingly expeditionary, but their IT systems are not keeping pace, so the Corps is asking industry for help with mobility.

Digital Government

Marines could see secure handhelds by 2019

A new program will provide rugged secure handheld smart devices to Marines.


Agencies see a long and expensive path to the cloud

Officials at the Federal Communications Commission and U.S. Marine Corps stressed the importance of modernizing legacy systems, but warned that the cloud does not come easy or cheap.


USMC wrestles with responsibility of owning network

Three years since taking ownership of its computer network, the Marine Corps is still playing catch up in training its acquisition personnel.


How feds, military might deploy consumer IoT gear

Commercial technology and networks are set to play important roles as federal agencies and the Defense Department seek to harness the Internet of Things.


Marines take prominent role in DOD cyber operations

The Marine Corps' cyber operatives have been called on to expel spear phishers from the Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified email network and to target Islamic State militants in the Middle East.


Marine Corps to expedite Windows 10 upgrade

The Marine Corps Systems Command is expediting its timeline to deploy the Windows 10 operating system by January 2017.


Marine Corps rolls up its sleeves on cyber acquisition

The Marine Corps is looking to make "rapid acquisition" less of an oxymoron.