Taking Control of Ransomware and Other Malware with a Zero-Trust Strategy

Antivirus, sandboxing and similar detection techniques can’t keep up. It’s time for agencies to transform their approach to thwarting malware.

Facebook Can Sue Israel’s NSO Group, Appeals Court Says

The case against the NSO Group appears to scratch the surface of problematic commercial hacking tools sold at arms markets, which the U.S. government has only just begun trying to control.

U.S. Blacklists NSO Group and 3 Others for Selling Spyware, Hacking Tools

The Commerce Department says the companies—three from allied nations—acted against U.S. national security interests. 

Report: Hackers Shift from Malware to Credential Hijacking

Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike tracked record levels of cyber intrusion activity over the past year.

What Is Pegasus? A Cybersecurity Expert Explains How the Spyware Invades Phones and What It Does When It Gets In

Since 2019, Pegasus users have been able to install the software on smartphones with a missed call on WhatsApp.

Justice Department Charges Russian Intel Officers with Major Cyberattacks, Including NotPetya

U.S. officials said a new indictment describing a four-year global conspiracy belies the country’s recent offer to reset relations in cyberspace.

CISA, U.K. Agency Issue Alert on Spike in Coronavirus-Themed Cyber Activity

It’s not just phishing and malware. Malicious actors also target known bugs in virtual private networks and other networking tools.

NASA Warns Employees of ‘Exponential’ Increase in Cyber Threats

The Office of the Chief Information Officer sent a memo detailing how teleworking employees can protect agency systems. 

Defense Agency Renews Antivirus Software Subscription for Workers’ Home Use

The one-year license excludes contractors from a crucial factor in secure “maximum telework.”

How Feds Can Work Safely Despite Coronavirus

Technology has made it so that many workers can do their jobs from home, especially if the right precautions are taken.

Agencies Warn of Coronavirus-Related Scams  

The government is trying to curb scammers preying on the public’s fears.

CISA, FBI and DOD Issue Warning on North Korea-Linked Malware

New threat variants allow Hidden Cobra to remotely access and control systems—and banks should look sharp.

Charging Your Phone Using a Public USB Port? Beware of 'Juice Jacking.'

Those in need of a battery boost need to keep some security tips in mind.

How Iran's Military Outsources Its Cyber Threat Forces

These intermediaries are loyal to the regime but separate from it.

What’s Next for Iran’s Cyber Actors?

The country has grown as a talented, and destructive, network threat over the last several years.