FedFlix federal video archive grows in popularity

The FedFlix online federal short film archive has won millions of views on YouTube, and now the Library of Congress is considering streaming films online as well.

Library of Congress forges digital preservation alliance

The Library of Congress is forming a new partnership dedicated to preserving and providing access to digital content.

Library of Congress aids geospatial data preservation

The Library of Congress and Columbia University are creating a Web-based information hub to provide best practices, tools, methods and services to assist organizations in preserving geospatial data.

Preservation Road: Visual and audio records say more than text ever could

NARA works to ensure that future generations can continue to learn from the past, and that increasingly requires the agency to digitize audiovisual records.

Stop-gap funding measure allows more time for appropriations negotiations

The legislation has $4.65 billion for the operations of Congress, GAO, the Congressional Budget Office and other federal organizations.

Coordinated efforts needed to fight cyberattacks

Agencies must prepare to face adversaries capable of launching persistent attacks from multiple locations, experts say at a cybersecurity conference.

Library of Congress starts YouTube channel

Recent and historical videos from the library’s collection are available on the channel.