DOJ Admits Error Linking ID Theft Case to OPM Breach

There’s no firm evidence fraudsters are using stolen data from the massive 2015 breach, officials said.

Google Maps Unveils Tool to Locate Drug Disposal Sites

The company hopes it will play a part in reducing opioid use.

FBI Considering One $5 Billion Contract For All IT Supplies, Services

A request for information sheds light on the FBI’s upcoming IT Supplies and Support Services contract, including the bureau’s preference to include all such services in a single contract.

The Big Message in the Iranian Cyber Indictments: Deterrence

The Justice Department wants to send a message to Congress and the public: We’re deterring cyberattacks.

Justice Launches Cyber Task Force

The task force will examine cyber efforts to undermine elections and critical infrastructure.

Two Charged With Jackpotting Theft

The Justice Department announced charges against two for making a Connecticut ATM spit out cash.

GAO Will Probe ‘Fake Comments’ to Regulatory Agencies

Democrats on House commerce panel want Justice Department involvement too.

Company That Used Russian Coders for Pentagon Project Strikes Deal

The subcontractor that hired the coders signed a non-prosecution deal to end a criminal investigation.

Inside CA Technologies' $45M False Claims Settlement

While rare, these sorts of settlements are not unheard of in federal IT contracting.

2 Russian Spies Charged in Yahoo Breach of 500M Accounts

Russian journalists, U.S. and Russian government officials, a Russian cybersecurity firm’s employees, and other private-sector employees were targeted.

How Will the Public Learn About Cyberattacks Under President Trump?

Unlike his predecessor, the president-elect doesn’t seem to trust the intelligence community to investigate state-sponsored hackers.

Task Force Urges Loosening Reins on Hacking Victims to Fight Back

The report promotes "active defense" measures including locking up a hacker’s network until stolen information is returned.

Lawmakers Press Justice Department on Expanded Police Hacking Powers

The expanded hacking authority will go into effect Dec. 1 unless Congress intervenes.

How Will Terrorists Use the Internet of Things? The Justice Department Is Trying to Figure That Out

As the business of connected devices explodes, DOJ joins other agencies in evaluating the national-security risks.

Hacker ‘Guccifer’ Sentenced to 52 Months

Marcel Lehel Lazar, 44, will serve time for unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft.

Baltimore Police Say Aerial Surveillance Not a 'Secret Spy Program'

The department has been using technology developed for Iraq war operations on the city since January, and failed to tell the public.