IT Modernization

Senate bill would push replacement of legacy IT systems

A new bipartisan bill would effectively force agencies to identify and replace their critically outdated legacy information technology systems while drafting new modernization plans with the help of the Office of Management and Budget.

Congressional Publishing Arm Plans for New Software to ‘Take Over’ Print Documentation

Director Hugh Halpern said the agency wants to bring more efficient documentation software to Capitol Hill and other public agencies.

GSA's DUNS Replacement Set to Go Live

The General Services Administration is ready to flip the switch in early April on the non-proprietary entity identifier that is replacing the old DUNS number in federal contracting systems.

TSA to Overhaul its Credentialing System with $199 Million Contract Award

The Transportation Security Administration partnered with Accenture to modernize its security reporting and credentialing systems.

TMF Announces Two New Awards

The U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission and the Selective Service System are in line for IT modernization funding boosts.

IRS announces new office focusing on taxpayer experience

One of several lines of effort at the IRS to improve customer experience is digital services, which will include efforts ranging from digital signatures to expanded online payment options.

Federal Agencies Take Mitigating Steps To Protect Internet Infrastructure

A new report examines public agency practices to prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities within the modern internet framework.

Modernized IT Dashboard Set to Launch mid-March

The legacy 2009 website containing schedule, spending and risk data for federal IT projects is offline while a modernized replacement is finalized.

Cost Overruns and Delays for OPM's Trust Fund Modernization

OPM is working to modernize the legacy financial system that manages retirement, health benefits and life insurance programs, but it's behind schedule and over budget.

Research Reveals AI Gaps in Federal IT Modernization

Only one-quarter of study participants saw AI as critical or very valuable to their modernization efforts, and one-third saw it as not very/not at all valuable. 

Pentagon Inches Closer to Unleashing Two New Supercomputers

A storage capabilities supplier shared fresh details on the in-the-making systems.

Upcoming Department of Energy Playbook Aims to Guide Innovation 'in Big Ways'

Energy CIO Anne Dunkin discussed the agency’s vision for a broadly-applicable modernization playbook to help federal organizations strategically upgrade outdated technology. 

Energy Department Plans to Release Guide to Scaling IT Modernization

The agency has found success in taking small steps to deploying large-scale changes.

Watchdog Finds IT Scorecards Effective In Monitoring Federal Modernization Efforts

A new report highlights the benefits FITARA grading has had on modernizing tech within the government, despite recent failing grades. 

Connolly, Issa launch IT modernization caucus

The lawmakers behind the FITARA legislation are establishing a new caucus centered around IT modernization issues.

Data is the Fuel of Digital Transformation, Officials Say

Federal officials shared how they're tackling digital transformation.