Fed sites test new Internet technology

A 24-hour test flight of IPv6 demonstrated the Internet’s ability to handle traffic using the new protocols. The next challenge is to bring IPv6 to end users.

Why the need for IPv6? Blame Vint Cerf.

The godfather of the Internet says it's his fault that we're running out of IP addresses.

Government takes the lead on IPv6 adoption

OMB's recent mandate for enabling IPv6 on public-facing government Web servers and internal agency networks is a welcome and much-needed step toward future-proofing the Internet.

Kundra sets new IPv6 deadlines

The Obama administration has set deadlines and offered guidelines for the transition of government networks to the next generation of Internet Protocols.

Why bother moving to IPv6?

Adoption of the new protocols will be a challenge, and there are ways to work around the shortage of IPv4 address space. But the online world will pass by those who don't make the move to IPv6.

5 critical steps on the road to IPv6

Connecting with the rest of the world could soon require the use of IPv6, and agencies should begin preparing now to use the new protocols.

The 3 urgent security concerns you'll have this month

Whether driven by mandates or new vulnerabilities, June brings worries that need to be addressed.

Internet addresses rapidly running out

The Number Resource Organization, which oversees global allocation of IP addresses, says 90 percent of addresses available under IPv4 are taken.

10 technologies to watch in 2010

Government policies on information sharing, mobility, more efficient networking and, of course, security help define the technologies that will be hot this year.

IPv4 addresses almost gone

The Internet will run out of unused Internet Protocol version 4 Internet addresses soon, predicts the American Registry for Internet Numbers.

Agencies should plan now to enable IPv6 on public-facing servers

As the pool of IPv4 addresses dries up, agencies need to begin planning now for an Internet whose growth will be in the IPv6 address space, according to American Registry for Internet Numbers President John Curran.

DOD updates IPv6 Standard Profile

The updated IPv6 Standard Profile provides a technical and standards based definition of interoperability requirements for IPv6-capable products to be used in DOD networks.

Microsoft technology targets Internet anonymity

Microsoft researchers have unveiled an anti-hacking concept that can help track hackers or malicious content to origin servers.

Voice over IP builds bridge to the future of DOD comms

The lessons of VOIP are helping expand and combine rich communications and collaboration on military networks.

Military seeks to marry communications, collaboration networks

The lessons of VOIP are helping expand and combine rich communications and collaboration on military networks.

Risks bedevil new technologies

Technological advances can bring significant improvements in the way we do our jobs, manage information and collaborate with others, but be careful: Almost every step forward comes with a new set of risks.