Biden signs extension of controversial spying program into 2026

The Section 702 authorities were reauthorized without the addition of a warrant requirement to review the communications of Americans caught up in foreign surveillance.

House passes bill barring spy agencies, law enforcement from buying Americans’ personal data

The measure doesn’t have support from the Biden administration, which argues it threatens national security and worsens Americans’ privacy protections.

House advances spy power reauthorization bill without warrant measure

The bill — which represents a win for Biden administration policy objectives — will now be taken up in the Senate, with a week to go before the authority sunsets.

When can US spies buy your personal data? New guidelines are coming

Certain missions require government acquisition of personal information collected by data brokers, and appropriate safeguards need to be put in place, the official said at a Cyber Command-hosted event.

Google is now authorized to host classified data in the cloud

The security milestone puts Google in a position to compete for classified business at DOD and U.S. intelligence agencies.

The CIA is taking a ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach to GenAI

The approach may help the intelligence agency sprint ahead of adversaries in AI capabilities.

Government funding bill punts extension of controversial spying power

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act expires April 19 unless reauthorized by Congress, and an 11th-hour funding bill crafted to avert a partial government shutdown doesn't address the matter.

Civil liberties groups urge Congress to keep 702 measures out of upcoming funding votes

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is set to expire on April 19 unless reauthorized by Congress.

Section 702 renewal could pass in funding bill, sources say

Backers of 702 reauthorization in the House Intelligence committee will likely use recent news of classified intelligence gathered using the surveillance power as a way to convince colleagues to support its renewal.

IARPA makes awards in 4-year effort studying hacker psychology

The program greenlit research contracts for technologies that would use psychology to thwart hackers.

IARPA launches program to solve error-prone building blocks of quantum computing

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity will work to reduce the noise in quantum bits, which currently stand as a major hurdle to establishing fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Ex-CIA officer and WikiLeaks source sentenced to 40 years for largest breach in agency history

Joshua Adam Schulte was found to have abused administrative privileges and secretly transmitted the documents in 2016.

NSA illegally purchases Americans’ internet data without a warrant, senator says

The NSA’s purchases of commercial metadata without a court order — revealed in documents exchanged with Sen. Ron Wyden — violate consumer protection laws, the Oregon Democrat claims.

Watchdog finds ‘sufficient’ cyber threat sharing at agencies, but barriers remain

The Intelligence Community Inspector General’s biennial update on cybersecurity information sharing noted that progress has been made over the past two years, but some agencies reported running up against roadblocks.

The CIA’s data-challenged AI imperative

Mastering the technology is key to being able to “disrupt those entities that do not,” said an agency cyber policy official.

IARPA teases event for large language model vulnerability mitigation tools

The intelligence agency offered details on a new potential contract and October event to showcase tools that can detect and remediate vulnerabilities in large language models.

IARPA’s new pants will record your location

The intelligence research agency is crafting smart clothing technology equipped with audio, video and geolocation sensors.