Homeland Security

Lawmakers Propose Civilian Cyber Reserve to Bolster DOD and DHS

The bipartisan package of two bills would address the government’s shortage of skilled cyber personnel by allowing DOD and DHS “to recruit qualified civilian cybersecurity personnel to serve in reserve capacities.”

3 Customer Experience Tips for Feds from Feds

Two professional customer experience experts offered advice for other practitioners across the federal ranks this month.

Senators Request Cyber Safety Analysis of Chinese-Owned DJI Drones

Lawmakers raised concerns that sensitive data could leak to adversaries through foreign-owned consumer technology. 

CISA: Election Security Still Under Threat at Cyber and Physical Level

Threats enacted by state-sponsored actors during the 2022 election have highlighted the need for “continued vigilance” in upcoming elections, said CISA Election Security Advisor Kim Wyman.

‘Multiple Threat Actors’ Used Old Exploit to Access Federal Agency Servers

At least two groups tried to exploit the vulnerability to get deeper into the agency’s networks, including a Vietnamese criminal gang.

CISA Launches Ransomware Warning Pilot for Critical Infrastructure

The new pilot program will enable “timely risk reduction” by alerting critical infrastructure owners and operators of vulnerabilities within their systems that are susceptible to ransomware attacks.

A CISA Test Hack Offers Warnings for Critical Infrastructure Organizations

A CISA red team simulated a malicious cyberattack on a critical infrastructure organization to test security measures and give recommendations to other entities.

CISA Director Calls Out Industry Using Consumers as Cyber 'Crash Test Dummies'

The head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said technology companies need to be more proactive when it comes to promoting safety and security.

CISA Seeks Private Sector Support for Cybersecurity Risk Management

The agency is looking to identify contractors capable of offering services for its Insights Branch, which provides technical cyber risk reduction.

CISA Tells Agencies What to Prioritize to Meet Cybersecurity Log Mandate

The guidance document also explains how CISA and the FBI will work with agencies to investigate cybersecurity incidents.

CISA Urges 'Increased Vigilance' for Cyber Threats on Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

As Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine reaches its one-year anniversary, CISA has warned that the U.S. and European nations “may experience disruptive and defacement attacks against websites in an attempt to sow chaos and societal discord.”

DHS's Biometric Rally Reveals Strong Capabilities Reliant on Camera Configuration

Researchers at the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate explained how camera systems’ capacity for varied skin tones can make or break an accurate biometric reading.

CISA, South Korean Agencies Issue Joint Warning on North Korean Ransomware

The new cybersecurity advisory spotlights North Korean-backed actors targeting healthcare networks with ransomware.

GAO's Critical Infrastructure Cyber Recommendations Go Largely Unaddressed

A new watchdog review found that federal agencies overseeing critical infrastructure have only implemented 43% of recommendations made since 2010.

CISA Releases Guide to Help Safeguard K-12 Schools from Cyber Threats

CISA’s report, which was mandated by the K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2021, outlined a variety of steps that primary and secondary schools can take to bolster their cyber defenses.

DHS Awards $1.1M to Federal Labs in Contracts Seeking ‘Groundbreaking’ Tech

The funding stems from the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology directorate.

Asylum-Seekers Can Now Schedule Entry Appointments in Advance via CBP Mobile App

Customs and Border Protection’s mobile application, launched in October 2020 to streamline access to customs services, now includes a function for migrants to schedule appointments at select U.S. ports of entry.