Huawei, ZTE Banned in House Draft of Pentagon Policy Bill

The bill also requires a governmentwide strategy to counter Chinese cyber threats.


How the U.S. Government Learned to Stop Worrying About The Global Internet and Kicked Russians Off Its Networks

The Obama administration was willing to accept some risks to keep global tech markets free and flowing. That era’s over.


Huawei Pushes Back On FCC Efforts to Bar It From U.S. Networks

FCC’s concerns Huawei is a Chinese spying tool are unfounded and based in rumor, the company said.

Emerging Tech

After London, How Lasers Will Play a Role in Detecting Chemical Attacks Sooner

A new technique can detect trace elements of dangerous chemicals in extremely small doses, a breakthrough of relevance to the horror show playing out in Salisbury, U.K.


Secretaries of State Find Federal Election Cyber Intelligence Elusive

With the upcoming midterm elections, it's a race to establish better information sharing between Homeland Security and state and local elections officials.


Russia's Troll Operation Was Not That Sophisticated

“If the Internet Research Agency were a start-up media company, they probably would not be picking up a fresh round of venture capital.”


Trump Has Never Asked Us to Stop Russian Election Meddling, Intelligence Chiefs Testify

The intelligence community agrees Russia will try to influence the 2018 midterms, but they’re less clear on how to stop the Kremlin.


Lebanese Spy Agency Likely Behind Fake Messaging Apps, Researchers Say

The nation-state-run campaign being called Dark Caracal has been ongoing, undetected for years, despite not being all that sophisticated.

Digital Government

Congress Takes Up Another Spending Deal, Spying Presents and AI Bias

Besides budget deals, lawmakers want to get ahead on internet of things devices and keep tabs on artificial intelligence development.


Kaspersky Says It Intercepted NSA Hacking Tools but Didn't Hand Them Over to Russia

The Russian anti-virus firm released preliminary results of an investigation into how and when it lifted NSA malware from a personal computer.


Pentagon to Scrub Kaspersky From Defense Systems Following DHS Ban

The Defense Department is following a DHS directive to remove the Russian anti-virus from its systems but it’s not clear if the software was there in the first place.

Digital Government

What the Intelligence Community Wants to Get Out of Tracking Its Workforce

The IC's research wing is experimenting with wearables and other sensors to optimize employees and their work environment.


House Panel Wants Inventory of Agencies' Kaspersky Use

The Science, Space and Technology Committee is the latest to question how the government may be using the Russian anti-virus software.


International Group Aims to Protect the Core of the Public Internet

Its first task will be tackling what infrastructure should be protected from intelligence services and other groups.