The Tech Targeted in Trump’s Rescission Request

The $15 billion request would cancel funding for two technology loan programs.

Energy Wants Electric Cars to Charge in 15 Minutes or Less

The department awarded $19 million to 12 different projects focused on faster battery charging.

College Students Battle To Control the Power Grid in Energy Department Challenge

Agency officials hope the competition will draw more young tech talent to the government and energy industry.

Energy Department Offers $1.8 Billion to Dethrone China in Supercomputing

The department plans to develop at least two exascale supercomputers that would be more than 10 times more powerful than today’s reigning supercomputer.

Utilities Are Paying Their Customers to Buy Electric Vehicles

The transport sector may be the only major new source of electricity demand for developed economies.

Nuclear Agency Wants Info on Securing Radioactive Waste from Cyberattacks

The National Nuclear Security Administration is looking for a woman-owned small business to prevent cyberattacks targeting nuclear materials, whether in a facility or in transit.

OK, Say Someone Hacks into the US Power Grid. Then What?

A joint research project between the Department of Energy and a geographic analytics company is mapping just how far the repercussions could spread.

Energy Department's Random Number Generator Could Make for Stronger Encryption

Oak Ridge scientists believe they have created a quantum-based device that creates truly random numbers.

If You're Going to Set a Cyber Trap, Don't Do This

The Energy Department's IG found many problems with a planned "gotcha" exercise.

27 Separate Federal Programs Protect the Power Grid

And that's just between the Energy Department, the Homeland Security Department and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Rick Perry Shifts from Energy Dept. Eliminator to Advocate

During his confirmation hearing Thursday, the Energy secretary nominee reversed many of the statements he made during his presidential campaign.

IG: Cyber Weaknesses Persist in Energy Dept.'s Unclassified Systems

The audit found the department's systems are operating at higher than necessary risk.