White House plan to secure schools from cyber threats ‘may not go far enough,’ experts say

As families across the country prepare for the back-to-school season, federal officials are preparing for increased cyberattacks targeting the nation’s education system.

GSA seeks a better way to reach higher education for federal challenges

The General Services Administration wants to know where to reach university-affiliated students and faculty to participate in national requests.

Lawmaker advocates 'all-of-the-above' approach to fix cyber worker shortage

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee’s cybersecurity panel said a greater focus on cyber education in K-12 schools could help fill the roughly 700,000 vacant cyber jobs across the country.

White House Releases New AI National Frameworks, Educator Recommendations

The Biden administration unveiled a docket full of more artificial intelligence regulatory efforts to promote responsible development, adoption and usage of increasingly smart systems.

New Approach to Teaching Computer Science Could Broaden the Subject’s Appeal

Integrated computing teaches computer science skills like programming and computer literacy within traditional courses.

New AI Research Funding to Focus on 6 Areas

The federal government aims to capitalize on the rapid innovation in the artificial intelligence sector.

Lawmaker: Schools Need Federal Advocate to Negotiate Cyber Contracts

Sen. Ron Wyden penned a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, asking the agency to assist U.S. schools in drafting cybersecurity and data protection contracts with technology firms.

Energy Looks for Additional Ways to Prepare the Future Quantum Workforce

The Department of Energy has asked higher education to weigh in on how the agency can help prepare students to work in quantum information science.

CISA Releases Guide to Help Safeguard K-12 Schools from Cyber Threats

CISA’s report, which was mandated by the K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2021, outlined a variety of steps that primary and secondary schools can take to bolster their cyber defenses.

NSF Awards $29M in New CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Grants

The funding will go to nine universities in 2023 to support building the next generation of cyber professionals.

Commerce Announces Over $18M in Digital Education Funding

The Biden administration allocated millions to help further technology access and digital literacy skills within five universities.

White House Announces $1.2B Effort to Improve Access to STEMM Education

The large-scale partnership will work to build a stronger American science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine education system.

CISA to Focus on Water, Education and Health Sectors Over the Next Year 

The agency contributed to the release of security requirements for the transportation sector this week and is expected to issue cross-sector performance goals for critical infrastructure companies’ voluntary adoption next week.

Biden Touts Launch of Student Loan Forgiveness Website

More than 8 million people applied on the beta version of the site over the weekend, officials said.

Federal Agencies Pledge Support For Biden’s AI Framework

Absent enforceability, public agencies and leadership plan on developing similar AI guidance and protocols to ensure accountable usage and design.

DOE Grants $400,000 to Professor’s Quantum Computing Research

The Biden administration has developed new partnerships in academia to advance such research.