Emerging Tech

DOE Grants $400,000 to Professor’s Quantum Computing Research

The Biden administration has developed new partnerships in academia to advance such research.

Digital Government

Statistical Uncertainty Could be Problematic for Evidence-Based Policies, Study Finds

Certain privacy measures, as well as general data errors, can skew funding allocations derived from census information.

Digital Government

FAA Awards $231,000 in STEM-Outreach Grants

The grants will help three universities with STEM outreach for underrepresented students in STEM and aviation.

Digital Government

Traffic Overwhelms Student Loan Sites Following Biden’s Debt Relief Announcement

Student loan company Nelnet said providers received no advance warning about the White House’s loan forgiveness plan, contributing to confusion and site outages.


Unintentional or Evolutionary: How Digital Platforms Impact Future Jobs

Two technology catalysts have changed the workforce needs of both government and the private sector.


Federal Agencies Likely to Get New Cybersecurity Guidance ‘In Coming Weeks’

New top-level guidance—and requirements—are coming for managing software security risk at federal agencies

Artificial Intelligence

Report Reveals Surveillance Abuses In Educational Technology

The report was commissioned by Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal and Edward J. Markey.

Emerging Tech

DOD Announces Additional Funding for Science and Tech Research

The Supplemental Support for Research Trainees aims to offset disruption to PhD students’ scientific research initiatives caused by the pandemic.


Officials Work to Create a More Empathetic Government

Recent customer experience policy changes are ushering in more human-centered agency practices.


Education's CISO Anticipates FedRAMP Evolution for ‘Zero-Trust’ Alignment

The Education Department’s Chief Information Security Officer co–chairs the Federal CISO Council, a channel for the administration’s implementation of Executive Order 14028.


House Committee Approves Cybersecurity Training Bill 

The legislation advances in the House after clearing the Senate in March, and would offer new cybersecurity training to federal and state governments.


Schools Would Receive Funding for Cyber Education Programs Under Bipartisan Bill

The proposed Cybersecurity Grants For Schools Act of 2022 establishes mandated federal grants to schools to promote cybersecurity education. 

Digital Government

Senate Democrats Introduce Bill To Retain Foreign STEM Talent

A companion bill aims to help immigrant STEM students stay and work in the U.S. to improve the nation’s standing in advanced technological fields.

Emerging Tech

White House Unveils New Quantum Sciences Education Initiative 

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy aims to foster the next generation of talent in quantum information sciences to match growing demand. 


DHS Expands Fields of Study In STEM Training Program 

The 22 new fields of study have been added to the STEM Optional Practical Training program in a bid to keep U.S. science and math education competitive.


The (Long) Waiting Game to Get My Student Loans Forgiven

The student loan forgiveness process for public servants is a disaster. After almost five years, I’m still waiting to have all my loans forgiven.


Senators Urge Better Cyber Protection For K-12 Schools

A recent Government Accountability Office report dove into how virtual classrooms are increasing vulnerability to ransomware and other cyber threats.


College Cost Calculators Aren’t Precise, but They Could Easily Be Made Better

College expenses determined by net price calculators can vary by an average of $5,700.