Here’s How Agriculture Plans to Overhaul Its Tech

The department will cut data centers down from 39 to two—and that’s just the start, according to CIO Gary Washington.

Microsoft, DOJ Face Tough Questions Over Overseas Data Warrants at Supreme Court

The government and the tech firm disagree over whether warrants under a 1986 law can reach emails stored overseas.

Overcoming Cloud Adoption Obstacles for Federal Agencies

The first step to overcoming cloud risks and challenges is understanding them.

Beltway Hosts 3 Amazon HQ2 Finalists

Amazon narrows the 238 proposals it received to build its next headquarters to 20 finalists.

Defense Department’s $500 Million Cloud To Go Live In February

CSRA moves up the launch date for milCloud 2.0, the on-premise cloud computing solution it’s building for the Defense Department.

Love Him or Hate Him, Darrell Issa Changed Government Technology

The man behind some of the government's most important tech efforts in recent decades announced his retirement.

National Forecasts Get Supercomputing Boost

Following the worst weather year ever, the federal government is investing heavily in supercomputing to improve forecasting.

Meltdown and Spectre Complicate Government’s Cybersecurity Posture

The potential footprint makes 2014’s Heartbleed look like an op-forces training exercise.

5 Tech Issues Congress Wants GAO to Keep an Eye On

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee provided five new directives to the Government Accountability Office related to ensuring the government maximizes its tech investments.

The Customs System That Clogged Airports In January Isn’t Fixed, IG Says

The agency doesn't have a backup system in place if another outage happens, the watchdog said.

How the New Science of Vulnerability Management Can Help Struggling Federal Networks

IT teams often have the tools to find network vulnerabilities. What they don't have is the manpower to fix them all.

How Can Agencies Prepare for the Software Future?

Federal agencies and their IT teams must adapt from a hardware-centric model to an increasingly software-defined world.

Lawmakers to Agencies on FITARA: Get It Together

A House oversight committee pushed IT leaders to set more ambitious upgrade goals after its fifth assessment of federal agencies’ technology.

How Technology Can Help Mitigate Hurricane Harvey-Like Disasters

Well-placed backup and recovery systems can help keep government systems running.

GAO to Agencies: Get a Data Center Plan

A handful of agencies are doing the bulk of the government's consolidation and that's a problem, GAO said.

GAO: Optimize Data Centers or Lose Them

Progress on closing data centers is mixed and the government’s optimization efforts are worse.

Pentagon Tech Chief Says He'll 'Take the Hit' for GAO Criticism of JIE

“What we’ve tried to tell GAO is, in this case, you don’t measure JIE—you have to measure the components,” Terry Halvorsen said.

DOD 'In the Right Spot' With Cloud, CIO Says

In many ways, DOD’s use of cloud computing is not so different from non-IT Fortune 50 companies, Halvorsen said.