Cyber Defense

White House Official: EPA to Issue Cybersecurity Rule for Water Facilities

As the U.S. pursues collaboration with international allies, the official noted lagging cybersecurity policies for domestic critical infrastructure. 

New Quantum Hardware Could Allow Computers to Process Information More Naturally

Current quantum computers are stuck using binary processes designed for traditional computers.

Camille Stewart Gloster Latest Appointment to Office of the National Cyber Director

The former Google alum joins the White House as multiple federal agencies look to recruit top-tier talent for enterprise technology positions.

Understanding NIST’s Post-Quantum Encryption Standardization and Next Steps for Federal CISOs

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently chose new cryptographic algorithms to defend against quantum computers.

NIST Revises Cybersecurity Guidelines Specifically for HIPAA

NIST will accept comments on the updated draft publication regarding HIPAA’s Security Rule until September 21. 

Official: White House to Meet with Rail Industry Before Issuing Cybersecurity Rules

The meeting comes as the Office of the National Cyber Director prepares a more comprehensive approach to securing privately owned and operated critical infrastructure.

CISA Builds Out Effort to Influence Global Policy With London Attaché

The office will inform other efforts to come as the agency grows its international presence.

NIST Selects 12 Companies for Implementing Post-Quantum Cryptography 

Officials leading a standardization effort—based on four winning algorithms—are relying heavily on industry for success.

TSA Implements 'Surge Team' to Allow Pipeline Industry Flexibility on Security Directives

The new recruits are processing companies’ requests seeking the approval of “alternative measures” to comply with a directive the agency issued in response to the May 2021 ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline.

NIST Identifies 4 Quantum-Resistant Encryption Algorithms

Federal researchers are one step closer to protecting U.S. data from quantum computing decryption capabilities.

Homeland Security, Israeli Partners Team to Improve Cyber Resilience

The joint initiative will be managed by the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation.

CISA Recommends Immediate Action for Microsoft Exchange Online Users

The recommendation is in line with Executive Order 14028, which requires federal agencies to implement multi factor authentication.

Historic NATO Meeting Extends Cybersecurity Collaboration to Asia-Pacific Allies

The security alliance is squaring off against Russia and China by building a coordination capability for rapidly responding to cyber attacks.

Federal Government Gets Serious About Post-Quantum Encryption Protection

A Phase III PQE contractor talks about getting federal quantum protection deployed quickly. 

Credit Rating Agency: New EU Laws Will Improve Firms’ Cyber Resilience Globally 

The Digital Operational Resilience Act would force non-EU companies with a significant presence in member states to create subsidiaries that can be regulated under their jurisdiction. 

Closing the Gap on Cyber Policy by Focusing on FISMA

When it comes to federal cybersecurity policy, the executive branch is far ahead of Congress.