Coast Guard

Coast Guard looks to direct commissioning for cyber personnel

The maritime military branch opened up its direct commissioning program to cyber roles in cyberspace operations, cybersecurity, information assurance and cyber threat intelligence.

Coast Guard updates cyber strategy with focus on 'mission platform'

The updated document aims to provide a clearer map for the Coast Guard's cyber priorities, including mitigating vulnerabilities in the maritime supply chain.

Coast Guard confronts harassment and retaliation in the ranks

The U.S. Coast Guard wants to build out its cyber workforce, but will have to contend with budget restraints and culture issues surrounding sexual harassment and retaliation.

DOD, Coast Guard resume MHS Genesis deployment

After a pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Defense Department's commercial health record installation program is back online. The Coast Guard is also transitioning to the new system.

Coast Guard plans drone intercept program

The U.S. Coast Guard is developing a counter-drone capability to protect both its own locations and to guard protected assets under special circumstances as provided for under a recent law.

Coast Guard taps DOD's AI group

The Coast Guard looks to DOD's artificial intelligence center to help with helicopter maintenance and domain awareness.

Citing cyber risk, Pentagon watchdog wants to pause JRSS

A new report from the Defense Department's operational test and evaluation director says the Joint Regional Security Stacks program is undermanned and should be halted until security issues are resolved.

As the Coast Guard wrestles with aging IT, cloud is a long-term conversation

U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Karl Schultz has his eyes on JEDI, but says his service is years away from true cloud adoption.

USCG boosts ceiling on IT contract to stay on .mil network

The tempo of task orders on a key Coast Guard IT infrastructure vehicle is accelerating so fast that the agency must raise the contract ceiling or risk getting booted off the Department of Defense's central .mil network.

Coast Guard begins transition to joint regional security stacks

The Coast Guard has recently embarked on DOD-wide initiative to increase security by 2019.

Epic won't protest Coast Guard move to Cerner

Acquisition-wise, it looks like smooth sailing for the Coast Guard's plan to join the Pentagon's nascent electronic health records system.

After botched acquisition, Coast Guard joins Pentagon electronic health record system

After repeated entreaties from powerful lawmakers, the Coast Guard is joining the Pentagon's MHS Genesis electronic health record system.

Will the Coast Guard go commercial on health records?

After spending seven years and almost $60 million on a failed electronic health records system, the Coast Guard is back to using paper. Many lawmakers are urging a commercial solution.

U.S. ports lack key cyber tools

The NotPetya attack in June that briefly crippled shipping giant Maersk is a reminder that maritime cybersecurity vulnerability is a problem with global reach.

Why the Coast Guard treats cybersecurity like hazardous cargo

The Coast Guard is building a culture of cybersecurity along the lines of current physical safety protocols, said Rear Adm. Kevin Lunday.

Student cyber teams do battle

Student cyber teams from the military academies are doing battle with an NSA-led red cell trying to disable their networks in the NSA's annual Cyber Defense Exercise.

NSA cyber exercise hones skills at military academies

Fifteen years since its inception, the Cyber Defense Exercise has added new dimensions, including the hacking of drone communications.