Feds, military personnel compete in President's Cyber Cup Challenge

Michael Harpin, the competition’s section chief at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, told Nextgov/FCW that the competition fosters internal recognition and networking that can help spur career growth.

Tech firms pledge to release products with built-in security features

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has been trying to get companies to agree to its "secure by design" paradigm for months.

CISA, FBI resuming talks with social media firms over disinformation removal, Senate Intel chair says

The Senate Intelligence Committee will hold an election security hearing in two weeks, according to Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va.

US warns of Russian hackers targeting operational technology in water systems

The advisory represents official U.S. confirmation that Russian operatives have breached water systems.

Critical infrastructure cyberattacks pushed NSA to unmask thousands of U.S. identities through spying law

The number of U.S. identity unmaskings NSA conducted in response to requests from other agencies through Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act tripled in 2023 compared to the prior year.

Critical infrastructure blueprint gets long-awaited update but maintains status quo on key sectors

The memorandum reaffirms the statutory authority of America’s top cyber agency, but doesn’t update the primary list of critical sectors that can be targeted in cyberattacks, notably leaving out space infrastructure

CISA to issue list of software products critical to agency security by end of September

The software offerings are crucial for federal cybersecurity because of certain privileges and controls they enable, as defined by NIST.

Foreign adversaries using AI to push disinformation, crumble election process, US warns

The documented reports and research of foreign propaganda campaigns align with new private sector analysis about recent efforts to flatline U.S. election confidence.

Russian hackers accessed U.S. government emails in Microsoft breach, CISA says

The alert comes a week after Microsoft was faulted in a DHS report for fostering a security culture that enabled a similar China-backed cyberattack last year.

CISA resource looks to help high-risk groups thwart cyberattacks

Civil society organizations, community groups and others often lack budgets and resources needed to defend against hackers.

CISA sounds alarm on deep-seated vulnerability in Linux tool

The malicious code was introduced by a user that has long-contributed to the open-source ecosystem.

CISA's proposed framework for cyber incident reporting rules includes subpoena power

The rules also require that covered entities that pay ransomware hackers to regain control of their systems and data must report such payments to CISA.

Congress expected to approve government spending bill that cuts CISA funding

The agency has previously stressed that funding will be needed to combat cyber threats and coordinate with partners as the November presidential election approaches.

CISA rolls out secure software attestation form

A repository for software attestation submissions will be available later in March.

CISA targeted through Ivanti VPN vulnerabilities, reports say

The DHS agency has been issuing warnings about Ivanti products since at least 2020.

CISA is coordinating with election security partners for Super Tuesday voting 

The principal agency responsible for election security is asking public and private sector election administrators to share potential threat information as voters go to the polls.

Russian information operations to likely increase in 2024 amid global election activity, CrowdStrike says

The findings should come as no surprise with the advent of generative AI tools, ongoing geopolitical conflicts and a busy year for elections in the U.S. and Europe.