Federal List: 6 memorable moments in federal social media

After a hesitant beginning, the federal government has begun to embrace social media in a big way. Here are a few of the most creative forays.

White House discloses administrative costs for innovation contests

A progress report on innovation challenges released by the White House indicates that some federal agencies are paying for contractor assistance in administering the challenges.

Zombies, killer cyborgs and the government

Agencies and officials loosen up in their use of social media.

A funny thing happened on the way to the CIO office ...

Here are four examples of federal IT leaders using humor to deliver important information in a memorable way.

Watch out for zombies! No, not hacked computers ... zombies

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was joking when it published a preparedness and disaster awareness kit to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse -- wasn't it?

Why telework is in an agency's best interest

Teleworking is moving beyond just letting agency employees work from home; it's becoming a key element in continuity-of-operations planning, efforts to reduce pollution, and plans to save billions on unneeded real estate.

CDC publishes social media metrics on dashboard

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is showcasing its digital activity in a new dashboard with data on website and social media use.

NIH, CDC sign global pact on data sharing

Several funders of public health research are coming closer to overcoming barriers to information sharing with a new global agreement, supporters say.

CDC publishes social media toolkit online

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention share the lessons they have learned by using Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, blogs and other social media.

CDC awards grants for public health performance management systems

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants to boost the performance management capabilities of public health agencies with new funding.

CDC goes viral through social media

Janice Nall, CDC's director of the Division of eHealth Marketing, offers some advice to agencies looking to engage citizens.

Federal 100: Lew Newlin


Amy Burnett dispenses public health information in a pinch

The public's overwhelming need for information during the H1N1 flu outbreak tested the limits of CDC's National Contact Center.

CDC, other agencies find social media an elixir for healthier public relations

Social media experts from the CDC, Transportation Security Administration and NASA share tips and best practices about building successful Web 2.0 tools.