Artificial Intelligence

IARPA Is Trying Keep Adversaries From Corrupting AI Tools

Could cyber adversaries be training the government’s artificial intelligence tools to fail?

Think Tank Offers AI Strategy Pointers for White House, Congress

The Center for Data Innovation released a report with six goals and 40 recommendations to keep the U.S. at the forefront of artificial intelligence.

Marines Turn to Artificial Intelligence to Better Deploy Troops

The tool could help top brass determine which battalions and gear are most prepared for battle.

Pentagon Travel Record Breach Highlights Impact of Hacker Dwell Time

The more data an organization has, the more places hackers have to hide for days, weeks or sometimes years.

Grading the 2018 Technology and Government Predictions

Here's what came true for government agencies—and what didn't.

What the Government Can Learn from Netflix

Customers have moved past the search engine.

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Technology Advances. Federal Impacts.

Technology is now firmly embedded throughout our everyday activities, but its reach is larger than that: businesses are using their products and services to reshape, reimagine, and transform how our society works, communicates, and lives.

The U.S. Could Regulate AI in the Name of National Security

These regulations would be target a big name in AI: China

Feds Must Start Preparing for Their Future Jobs, NSF CIO Says

A new National Science Foundation app could help federal employees actively position themselves as part of the future workforce.

Congress Wants to Confront Facebook, Robocallers and Data-Throttlers

Lawmakers also encouraged the Pentagon to continue helping civilian agencies in cyber matters.

NASA Collaborated With Autodesk To Design A New Interplanetary Lander

Figuring out a way to explore distant moons requires some creative thinking.

These Companies Are Pitching AI to the U.S. Military

The Pentagon’s AI shopping list is similar to a Silicon Valley company’s: fast data organization, predictive maintenance, and mitigation for threats.

NIST Teams Up with IBM’s Watson to Rate How Dangerous Computer Bugs Are

The artificial intelligence program will replace tedious work done by human analysts.

European Countries to Test AI Border Guards

A new program replaces human border guards with artificially intelligent avatars to watch for deception in travelers. It follows similar efforts that go back a decade.

Pentagon Doesn’t Want Real Artificial Intelligence In War, Former Official Says

No one at the Defense Department wants weapons that make their own decisions, said former Deputy Secretary Bob Work.