Artificial Intelligence

DHS Researching Public Perception of Facial Recognition and AI Use 

The Department of Homeland Security is collecting privacy concerns as critics fight to ban facial recognition outright. 

Joint Chiefs’ Information Officer: U.S. Is Behind on Information Warfare. AI Can Help

Concerns mount about how quickly the Pentagon can respond to global influence campaigns.

Former CYBERCOM Leader Urges Collective Defense Against Cyber Threats

Retired general Keith Alexander suggested a collective defense posture.

Lawmakers Push DOD to Share its Data to Help U.S. Make AI Gains

New legislation to pilot easy-access data libraries could be included in the fiscal 2022 NDAA.

Defense AI Efforts Hinge on Strong Data Environments

JAIC Director Lt. Gen. Michael Groen spoke about the department’s current efforts to implement artificial intelligence and incorporate more sophisticated software into DOD’s daily operations.

EEOC Launches Initiative to Ensure AI Doesn’t Exacerbate Civil Rights Issues

The new program looks to educate employers and employees about how algorithms are used in hiring and other employment decisions.

Presidential Advisers Recommend Agencies Invest in Automating Software Assurance

The National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee is about to meet with senior cybersecurity officials from the White House on the issue.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

DISA Moves to Combat Intensifying Cyber Threats with Artificial Intelligence

As part of its pursuit, the agency is forming an Office of the Chief Data Officer.

Pentagon AI Chief Responds to USAF Software Leader Who Quit in Frustration

Lt. Gen. Groen concedes culture must change, but says faster development is already on the way.

DOD Searches for a Responsible AI Lead as the Conflict Landscape Evolves 

Alka Patel, the Pentagon’s first ethical AI expert, left for the private sector.

To Make the Most of Exoskeletons, Training Really Matters

With practice, wearers might forget they're getting help.

Experts Call for a U.S. National Technology Strategy as Competition Heats Up with China

There’s much to be considered as ‘what could be one of the most disruptive periods in human history’ approaches.

Bill Would Block Contractors from Selling Data Harvested with AI Tools to Third Parties

A bipartisan proposal would also clarify that the government ultimately owns the data collected by federal contractors and their artificial intelligence systems. 

IRS Should Prioritize Auditing and Customer Service Modernization, Former Officials Say

Machine learning could be used to better serve taxpayers and help close the tax gap, they said.

US Army to Stage Largest Robot Tank Experiment Ever

Its lessons will inform the Army’s next-gen-unmanned-vehicles plan to ask tech firms to deliver the brains and established firms to deliver the wheels.