Artificial Intelligence

AI Could Help Congress Schedule and Find Unexpected Consensus, Expert Says

Members of the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress discussed how artificial intelligence and machine learning could help improve policy outcomes.

Federated Learning Uses The Data Right on Our Devices

The development could be key for privacy advocates.

AI Scouts Brain Data to Spot Mental Illness Patterns

Artificial intelligence may be able to spot certain kids of medical conditions before symptoms get serious.

White House Advocates Cloud Investment as a Path to Artificial Intelligence

A new report from the White House points to advanced cloud technologies to help bolster artificial intelligence R&D at the federal level.

Machine Learning Predicts Gut Microbe Communities

Artificial intelligence could one day play a role in gut health.

USPTO Works to Modernize Patent Processing with AI

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office widened its developer talent pool with open source coding challenges and an international presence. 

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

Army’s New Plan to ‘Transform’ Soldier Health Care with Technology

Service leaders will boost research into synthetic blood, quantum computing, and more.

Brain Stimulation Can Rewire and Heal Damaged Neural Connections, But it Isn't Clear How

New technologies are spotlighting brain stimulation.

Regulatory Agency Issues First Document Addressing AI in Nuclear Operations

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants comments on its inaugural Artificial Intelligence Strategic Plan as more machine learning is introduced into the field.

'Fake' Data Gets Robots to Learn New Stuff Faster

A training innovation could help robots learn difficult tasks quickly.

The Pentagon's Plan for 'Responsible AI'

A 47-page document released this week outlines the Pentagon's plan to incorporate its two-year old ethical AI principles throughout a system's design, development and use.

IARPA Researchers Want Immersive, 3D Imagery for Training and Simulation

The project seeks software and applications to enhance the intelligence community’s surveillance images.

Internet Data Produces a Racist, Sexist Robot

Teaching artificial intelligence to learn about people through the internet opened it up to learning the dark side of humanity.