Artificial Intelligence

‘Alarming Content’ from AI Chatbots Raises Child Safety Concerns, Senator Says

In a letter to the CEOs of five tech companies, Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., criticized using kids and teenagers in the “social experiment” of generative AI testing. 

DIA's New China Mission Group to Track Threat Posed by AI Development

The Defense Intelligence Agency’s China Mission Group will be monitoring the country’s use of AI software and other technologies in a national security context.

New Biden Budget Calls for Historic Clean Energy and Emerging Tech Investments

The White House’s fiscal year 2024 budget wants more U.S. funding for emerging tech, as well as its application in gov’t operations. 

The Reaper UAV Is Getting Its Own Drone Swarm

Air Force special operators are rigging the venerable uncrewed aircraft with an ISR swarm that may take just one person to control.

Creating Responsible AI Presents 'Major Technical Challenges,' NIST Official Says

Experts discussed the regulations needed for fast-developing AI software, with NIST’s Elham Tabassi emphasizing the need for proper data and measurement strategies for different systems.

Could the Pentagon Use a Little ChatGPT?

The Air Force’s top tech leader said the AI technology, or something like it, could help “rapidly pull together information” such as figuring out who’s in charge of an organization.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

Will Brain Organoids Soon Become Biocomputers?

Biocomputers composed of brain cells could be more powerful than supercomputers and use much less power.

DOD’s Cyber Mission Depends on Skilled Workforce, Streamlined Tech, Officials Say

As the Pentagon works to implement zero trust architecture and a forthcoming national cybersecurity strategy, DOD components are moving to prioritize international partnerships, streamline tech capabilities and enhance recruitment and training initiatives to meet current needs.

Infants Beat AI at Detecting Human Motivations

Infants understand human adults better than artificial intelligence, for now at least.

New AIs Make The Mainstream

Artificial intelligence technology is now moving ahead at warp speed.

DOD Official: AI and Autonomy Are Critical to the Future of War

The Pentagon is working to prioritize the ethical and responsible adoption of autonomous technologies across the U.S. military as it works to keep pace with global adversaries.

What are the Pros and Cons of Digital Workers?

Digital employees offer companies advantages, but there are also drawbacks.

State Department Proposes International Principles for Responsible Military AI

In collaboration with other countries, the U.S. State Department put forth a slew of best practices when incorporating artificial intelligence into defense operations.

Government Considers Whether AI Can Invent Something Patentable

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seeks public comments on the intersection of artificial intelligence and inventorship.