Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Continues to Evolve in Government and Elsewhere

AI that started out simply tackling robotic process automation-type tasks is slowly evolving to take on more traditionally human and creative duties.

AI Could Reduce Gaps in Heart Attack Care for Women

Here's another potential use of artificial intelligence tech.

How Can Artificial Intelligence 'See' More Responsibly, Feds Ask Public

The Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Program is looking to update its computer vision research guidance to support responsible AI development.

Make AI Accountable by Adding Redress Tools, Researchers Say

The white paper from the University of California, Berkeley also called for regulators to appoint an ombudsman to investigate complaints and monitor issues with the technology.

Tourism and the Metaverse: Towards a Widespread Use of Virtual Travel?

Although tourism in the metaverse will not be able to replace outdoor experiences, it can be used to promote sites that are not easily accessible or are ignored by tourists, who can discover them virtually.

NIST to Release New Playbook for AI Best Practices

Researchers will stress a socio-technical approach—which examines the human impact on technology—to mitigate biases in artificial intelligence systems.

Trade Agency Wants To Know Where US Stands in Global AI Marketplace

The government wants to learn more about international regulations that would prevent U.S. companies from selling AI technologies abroad.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

New Research Points to Hidden Vulnerabilities Within Machine Learning Systems

Agencies need to provide extra attention and security for machine learning and artificial intelligence-based systems, beyond the normal level of cybersecurity protection.

VHA Launches New Playbook Outlining Digital Health Care Needs For Patients

The agency’s health care office is looking for better data sharing interfaces to improve patient care.

National Science Foundation Facilitates US-India Tech Research Collaboration

The National Science Foundation added $2.8 million in supplemental awards to support these projects.

AI Could Help Congress Schedule and Find Unexpected Consensus, Expert Says

Members of the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress discussed how artificial intelligence and machine learning could help improve policy outcomes.

Federated Learning Uses The Data Right on Our Devices

The development could be key for privacy advocates.

AI Scouts Brain Data to Spot Mental Illness Patterns

Artificial intelligence may be able to spot certain kids of medical conditions before symptoms get serious.

White House Advocates Cloud Investment as a Path to Artificial Intelligence

A new report from the White House points to advanced cloud technologies to help bolster artificial intelligence R&D at the federal level.