Artificial Intelligence

NIST Works on the Industries of the Future in Buildings from the Past

The standards agency updated lawmakers on its artificial intelligence and quantum computing efforts and it’s $775 million deferred maintenance backlog.

The Pentagon’s AI Shop Takes A Venture Capital Approach to Funding Tech

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center will take a Series A, B, approach to building tech for customers, with product managers and mission teams.

Predicting the Coronavirus Outbreak: How AI Connects the Dots to Warn About Disease Threats

While the CDC and laboratories around the world race to find cures for the novel coronavirus, researchers are using AI to try to predict where the disease will go next.

White House Touts a Year of AI Initiatives in Roundup Report

The Office of Science and Technology Policy released a list of accomplishments in promoting artificial intelligence, including efforts to adopt cutting-edge technologies within the federal government.

NOAA Launches New Strategy to Streamline and Advance Its AI-Driven Efforts

The agency outlined its goals to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence across the enterprise.

White House Tech Chief Calls Europe’s AI Principles Clumsy Compared to U.S. Approach

Analysts disagreed with the assessment, calling the EU white paper a good start for developing a risk-based approach to regulating artificial intelligence.

Pentagon to Adopt Detailed Principles for Using AI

Sources say the list will closely follow an October report from a defense advisory board.

AI Algorithms Intended to Root Out Welfare Fraud Often End Up Punishing the Poor Instead

These systems must be designed in ways that are fair, transparent and accountable to prevent hurting society’s most vulnerable.

Labor Department Joins GSA’s AI Center of Excellence to Automate Procurement Tools

Labor becomes the sixth agency to join the Centers of Excellence program and the first of 2020.

CBP Is Upgrading to a New Facial Recognition Algorithm in March

The agency also signed an agreement with NIST to test the algorithm and its operational environment for accuracy and potential biases.

Highway Administration to Explore How AI and Blockchain Can Transform Transportation

The agency aims to spur innovation through “longer-term, higher risk” research. 

Report: Federal Agencies Must Be 'Better Connected, More Collaborative'

Agencies need to work together and with the private sector to improve how they manage IT systems, data and their workforces, researchers say.  

Energy Names Inaugural Director of New Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office

The agency launched the center in September to coordinate and streamline its heaps AI-focused efforts.

Presidential Advisers Push for National Network to Support Quantum and AI Advancement

As with the High Performance Computing initiative in the past, industry and academic advisers told the administration they need facilities and a network to get from bits to neurons and qubits.

Hate Cancel Culture? Blame Algorithms.

The same algorithmic forces that buttress cancel culture can actually rehabilitate canceled entertainers.

GSA Official: Agencies Should Build Testing Data and Environments Specifically for AI

Unless agencies start thinking differently, the security process will continue to stand in the way of new companies getting access to the real-world data required to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.