Artificial Intelligence

Lawmakers Press Social Media Giants to Confront Deepfake Threats

Sens. Marco Rubio and Mark Warner want Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and others to create industry standards for handling synthetic content.

Upgrades Aim to Improve Deep Brain Stimulation

Upgrading deep brain stimulation devices could help make them smarter and less intrusive.

The Evolution of Learning Could Boost AI

The evolution of learning could help lay groundwork for better artificial intelligence.

Experts Urge Congress to Consider Implications of AI Bias and Human-Robot Interactions

It’s all part of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology’s work to support the development of a national artificial intelligence strategy. 

Bill to Combat Deepfakes Passes House Committee

The bipartisan legislation directs the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Standards and Technology to accelerate the detection of disruptive, manipulated media.  

Spy Agencies Must Work Through AI’s Ethical Issues, Former Leader Says

Sue Gordon, the former principal deputy director of national intelligence, also pushed the intelligence community to put more trust in public information and outside organizations.

GSA Teams With Pentagon AI Shop for Centers of Excellence Program

The partnership will focus on streamlining the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s internal operations and speeding up the contracting process, according to Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan.

Employers Used Facebook to Keep Women and Older Workers From Seeing Job Ads. The Federal Government Thinks That’s Illegal.

Dozens of other complaints have been filed with the EEOC about discrimination in targeted advertising on Facebook.

Pentagon Looking for AI to Interpret ‘Strategic Activity’ Around the Globe

The commercial tools, requested by the Defense Innovation Unit, would derive insights from global news outlets, social media platforms and other publicly available resources.

States Try to Stop Political Deepfake Videos

State lawmakers are increasingly focused on deceptively edited videos, a pervasive technology that advocates say has the potential to disrupt elections. But are bans constitutional?

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The secret sauce of search engines gives tech companies an abundance of plausible deniability.

An Inside Look at All the Data CBP Collects About Everyone Crossing U.S. Borders

The agency is putting more data in the cloud and integrating more of its collection efforts.

Guidance on Federal AI Regulations Coming Shortly, Federal CTO Says

Current and former government tech leaders also stressed the need for high-level standards to ensure the global AI industry grows in line with democratic values

Where to Use AI and Other Tips From CIOs on Emerging Tech

The chief information officers from the departments of Health and Human Services, Justice and the General Services Administration offered emerging tech ideas to feds.

GAO Launches New Unit to Prepare Congress for the Future

The Center for Strategic Foresight held its first conference, focused on two problems closer to the present than the future: deep space and deepfakes.

In the Deepfake Era, Counterterrorism Is Harder

After failing to detect the 9/11 plot, spy agencies reinvented themselves for an age of terrorism, but a new generation of technological threats requires a new round of reforms.

I Create Manipulated Images and Videos–But Quality May Not Matter Much

A key element of the battle between truth and propaganda has nothing to do with technology.