Artificial Intelligence

What The CES All Digital Show Says About the Future

Even in a virtual format, CES offered quite a few interesting nuggets that might hint at future government technology.

How 5G and AI Are Creating an Architectural Revolution

5G will transform IT from the bottom-up—and that means changes for security. 

Air Force Software Hub Needs New Data Chief

Boston-based Kessel Run is looking for a chief data officer candidate with extensive technical experience.

GSA Releases Draft of New Government IT Services Contract Polaris

The draft request for proposals focuses on IT services and emerging technology offerings from three classes of small business.

Artificial Intelligence Begins to Realize Its Potential

Here's a look at some interesting projects, like one that helps programmers maintain and update COBOL.

Critical Update: Why Having Artificial Intelligence Talent is a National Security Issue

Dr. José-Marie Griffiths discusses her work crafting workforce recommendations for Congress as part of her work with the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

Thousands of Ocean Fishing Boats Could Be Using Forced Labor—We Used AI and Satellite Data to Find Them

Forced labor is a known problem in open ocean fishing, but the scale has been very hard to track historically.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

How AI Will Help the U.S. to Mars and Beyond

Artificial intelligence and automation will play key roles in ensuring future astronauts on Mars can safely perform their missions.

Artificial Intelligences Are Power Hungry, But Not How You Think

Keeping AIs on an ethical short leash is important but there are other aspects to consider.

What Trump’s Order on Trustworthy AI Might Mean for Agencies

Experts say it’s a step in the right direction, but the coming months will determine its ultimate impacts. 

Now Streaming: Government Data

When leveraged effectively, streaming data offers tremendous potential for real-time improvements.

Army Looks to Launch Next-Level, Automated Warehouse at Fort Hood

The appropriate procurement contract for the work is up for consideration.

Computers Still Can't Solve This Cookie Cutter Dilemma

Even math experts have given up on finding a computer algorithm to answer this type of geometric problem.

Artificial Intelligence in Government and the Presidential Transition: Building on a Solid Foundation

Here are the key steps that the incoming Biden administration should take to make the federal government AI-ready.

IRS Moves to Speed Up Contracting Through New Procurement Research Partnership

Data-management, machine learning and acquisition expertise will be combined in this collaboration.

GAO: AI Promising in Health Care, but Challenges Remain

The nascent technology is leading to positive health care outcomes, but issues may impede widespread adoption.