Artificial Intelligence

How the Pentagon’s JAIC Says It’s Prioritizing Ethics In Its AI-Driven Pursuits

Joint Artificial Intelligence Center officials stay connected with stakeholders through an executive steering group and other working groups. 

New Pentagon Initiative Aims to Help Allies, Contractors Work Together on AI

New tools are planned to help various militaries and defense companies cooperate and interoperate on artificial intelligence.

Microscopes Powered by Google’s AI Could Change Cancer Diagnostics

A DoD pilot program could help make artificial intelligence useful not just to researchers but to physicians.

Bipartisan Bill Calls for Government-Led Studies Into Emerging Tech Impacts

The ultimate aim is to boost Congress’ understanding of AI, quantum computing, blockchain and internet of things—and more.

Pentagon Seeks TurboTax-Like Tool for Artificial Intelligence Purchases

It’s part of a new acquisition model that would explore the potential of pursuing contracts outside the Federal Acquisition Regulation, mixed with traditional contracts.

Can AI Solve the Rare Earths Problem? Chinese and U.S. Researchers Think So

A research effort funded by China and the U.S. could speed up the discovery of new materials to use in electronics.

Leveraging Automation to Ensure Government Supply Chain Health

When we apply these emerging technological capabilities directly to the management of supply chains, the results are powerful and highly impactful.

Navy Program Will Use AI on Drone Images to Predict Fleet Maintenance Needs

Simple Technology Solutions will use Google Cloud to build a machine learning tool trained on drone images.

Congressional AI Resolution Coming Soon, Lawmakers Say

Reps. Will Hurd and Robin Kelly plan to introduce an AI resolution celebrating past innovations and laying the groundwork for future legislation.

Air Force Taps Machine Learning to Speed Up Flight Certifications

The Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office cleaned up its “data swamp” and implemented a machine learning application, and it's making the flight certification process more efficient.

NIST Releases Core Principles to Judge ‘Explainable AI’

The need for the technology to be trustworthy only grows as it’s increasingly adopted.

The Case to Increase Workforce Training for Artificial Intelligence

The need for federal workforce upskilling has never been clearer.

Energy Department, Microsoft Set Up Consortium to Produce AI-Enabled Tools for First Responders

At least ten partners from across the government, industry and academia have already signed on.

The Pentagon’s AI Factory Gets a Powerful New Tool

The Joint Common Foundation aims to help the Department to standardize and secure its data and make it easier to find.

How Agencies Can Tackle Tech Talent Gaps

Strong brands and room for risk might pay off where government salaries don’t, federal officials said.

Lost Your Job Due to Coronavirus? Artificial Intelligence Could Be Your Best Friend in Finding a New One

Use of these tools is growing, especially among young people.

What the Rest of Government Should Watch When the Defense Authorization Bill Goes to Conference

Overhauling FedRAMP is just one of a list of ways the NDAA could affect civilian government tech.