Army looks to bring $22B headset program into production in 2025

After years of delays and program adjustments, the Army has a new time frame for rolling out its augmented reality headset to troops.

DOD wants innovation to counter drone swarms

The Defense Department is planning a July outreach event to find new solutions from industry that can counter AI-enabled drone swarms over land, sea and air.

The Army is putting all its network efforts under one roof

By October, Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical is expected to absorb network portfolios from its sister PEO for enterprise services.

Army looking to experiment with autonomous, real-time technologies

The service's annual experimental technology event will include a focus on autonomous lane clearance and decontaminant capabilities in 2024.

Army wants ideas from industry on autonomous, anti-drone capabilities

Army Futures Command called on industry for white papers outlining potential technology capabilities it will look to deploy as part of its modernization strategy.

The U.S. Army Is testing a data platform just for intelligence officers

It’s part of a larger effort to use commercial and cloud-based technologies to make the service more data centric.

L3Harris wants to add drone data streams to night vision goggles

Improving image quality and broadening the amount of data feeds available are priorities for future versions.

Small radios on armored vehicles will be a big step toward the Army's networked future

The challenges include trying to install them and making sure they don’t run out of range.

Army climate plan relies on technology that doesn’t exist yet

The most “complex” aspect of the implementation plan is “building a force to operate in the future that still has to operate in the present,” officials said.

Soldiers can use their phones for work under new Army pilot

Unlike other Pentagon BYOD efforts, this one taps the cloud for a secure remote work experience.

The Army wants smarter sensors to ease soldiers’ ‘cognitive burden’

New intelligence and electronic-warfare tools aim to help commanders get data faster.

Hacking the Army's tech talent problem

As the Army trains its second cohort of technology professionals, the success of the software factory will hinge on how well they are integrated into the Army's mission.

Army plans ICAM rethink to support unified network operations

To make mobile device use more secure, the Army is preparing a new identity and access requirements as it adopts zero trust security principles.

Army Intel Division Aiming For Wide-Reaching IT Overhaul

The Intelligence and Security Command unit published a solicitation looking for a contractor to modernize its IT infrastructure, focusing on secure network and automation capabilities.

US Army Announces New Machine Learning Tech For Burn Treatment

The Defense Department will partner with two private medical research centers to develop a portable tool for soldiers to assess burns.


Army Creates Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say

Within weeks, Walter Reed researchers expect to announce that human trials show success against Omicron—and even future strains.

How the Army is embracing telework-friendly tech

The Army is expanding its use of bring-your-own devices through a pilot program that’s expected to initially focus on National Guard and Reserve components as it rolls out Microsoft 365.