The military's 5G capabilities could be stale by the time they're fielded

The Navy's chief digital innovation officer, Michael Galbraith, said when it comes to 5G, his biggest concern after security is "time to market."

Private Sector Player Urges DOD to Screen 5G Technology for Cybersecurity

The Pentagon is offering cash prizes for hardware or software ideas to make various components of fifth-generation networking technology interoperable across various manufacturers.

New Tech Budget Request is the Defense Department’s Largest Ever

Pursuing China, the Pentagon aims to bump spending for artificial intelligence and 5G.

Hidden Security Considerations When Moving to 5G

The newest generation of wireless technology comes with several transformative advantages, as well as some pitfalls.

Smart Devices Spy on You—2 Computer Scientists Explain how the Internet of Things can Violate Your Privacy

From home appliances to your vehicle, something's always watching you.

Aviation Official: 5G and Air Travel Can 'Safely Coexist'

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson testified that improved information and new altimeters are two components of safeguarding air travel amid 5G C-band deployment. 

AT&T Completes First 5G Demonstration for ‘Smart Warehouse’ Effort

The work continues to unfold, even in the face of supply chain strains.

Is the Growth of Data Pedestrian or Problematic?

The intersection of cloud, edge computing and the exponential growth of data is going to increase the burden on organizations’ operations. 

5G is ‘Going Live’ at Tyndall Air Force Base

Verizon’s next-gen communications capabilities will enable emerging technologies—and enhanced streaming for personnel.

Airlines Ask For ‘Immediate Intervention’ in 5G Deployment, Citing Safety Issues

An airlines advocacy group asked the Biden administration to implement more protection around select airport towers in a continuation of the 5G rollout debate.

Let’s Talk About 6G Policies, Panel Says

6G policies may be important in protecting Democracy.

FAA Lists 50 Airports Exempt From New 5G Rollout

These airports will have a temporary buffer zones to ensure airplane altimeters are protected, pursuant to an agreement between telecommunication companies and the government.

Telecoms Agree To Delay 5G Rollout Amid Government Safety Concerns

Following the saga between telecommunications giants and multiple government agencies, the Transportation Department secured a brief delay of the nationwide 5G rollout.

Verizon, AT&T Reject Government Request for 5G Delay

Leaders at Transportation and the FAA raised concerns about 5G C-band’s interference with air travel safety, which private sector CEOs dismiss.

Labor Seeks Members For Telecom Working Group Focused on 5G

The agency is seeking qualified members for its Telecommunications Interagency Working Group, part of the Infrastructure Act passed in November.