Telecoms Agree To Delay 5G Rollout Amid Government Safety Concerns

Following the saga between telecommunications giants and multiple government agencies, the Transportation Department secured a brief delay of the nationwide 5G rollout.

Verizon, AT&T Reject Government Request for 5G Delay

Leaders at Transportation and the FAA raised concerns about 5G C-band’s interference with air travel safety, which private sector CEOs dismiss.

Labor Seeks Members For Telecom Working Group Focused on 5G

The agency is seeking qualified members for its Telecommunications Interagency Working Group, part of the Infrastructure Act passed in November.

NDAA Inclusions Prioritize Pentagon Emerging Technology Pursuits

The legislation’s inclusions would mandate new investments across AI, quantum information science, biotechnology and more.

The Future of 5G: Not There Yet, But Getting Closer, Officials Say

There are several areas where 5G capabilities can improve, including bandwidth potential.

Report: Government Inaction on 6G Risks Ceding More Tech Ground to China

A new report makes the national security case for overseas talent and increased research and development for a 6G infrastructure.

Critical Update: Veterans Affairs Applies Mixed Reality Tech to Solve Real-World Health Issues

Department officials are exploring virtual worlds and using artificial intelligence to transform medical treatments.

Broadband Dominates Tech Funding In Biden Infrastructure Bill

Funds would go to expanding broadband and 5G connectivity nationwide.

Lockheed Martin and Verizon to Partner to Develop 5G Tech for the Military

The companies recently connected a military communications network to a commercial 5G network.

NSA, CISA Weigh in on Shared Responsibility for Cloud Security in the 5G Era

Fifth-generation networking is expected to multiply opportunities for hackers using tactics already observed in attacks like the one against IT management firm SolarWinds.

DIU’s First 5G Experiment Could Be a Game-Changer for First Responders

The Defense Innovation Unit is prototyping portable—and wearable—networking tools with the California National Guard so they can connect anywhere.

Bill Supports the Expansion and Development of 6G Infrastructure

A bipartisan bill would establish a council to oversee and implement 6G broadband access across the country.

Senate Intel Chair Says Government Needs to Wake Up to China Threat

The senator called for increased investment in technology and infrastructure by the federal government.

Air Force Reserve Command Prepares for 5G Boost

Verizon was recently selected to install capabilities on multiple military bases.

Inside Pacific Northwest National Lab’s 5G Innovation Studio

Federal officials are exploring what the next generation of wireless capabilities has to offer.