Episode 3: Intelligent Automation in Government

Gisele Holden, Program Manager and Chief of the Financial Systems Branch, National Science Foundation

Gisele Holden, Program Manager and Chief of the Financial Systems Branch, National Science Foundation Amelia Shuler

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The Exploring AI in Government Podcast Series

Automation is taking hold across businesses and government agencies alike, helping to take menial and repetitive tasks off of the plates of government employees and into the hands of algorithms and machines. But what does automation actually entail? What are the pros and cons? And, what areas of government are easiest to offload to automation?

In the next episode of Exploring AI in Government, hosts Dominic Delmolino, chief technology officer at Accenture Federal Services, and Kathleen Walch, AI and machine learning expert and managing partner at Cognilytica, explore these questions on automation with experts Gisele Holden of the National Science Foundation and Craig Fischer of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.

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Artificial intelligence isn’t just a term used in science fiction any longer, it’s a real technology that’s having a true impact on the world and workforce around us. And as the technology and its use cases evolve, government services and missions stand to gain much from implementing AI effectively: From improving cybersecurity to automating menial tasks to supercharging citizen engagement. Accenture's Exploring AI in Government Podcast seeks to dig past the hype and highlight how experts and pioneers are making AI a reality in the federal government.

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