Navigating the Government Cloud Security Voyage

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IT modernization is the backbone of the administration’s push to reform government. With OMB’s Cloud Smart policy as one of the most powerful drivers of that transformation, more and more critical operations and confidential citizen data are migrating to the cloud. However, without proper cloud security and information protection in place, government agencies risk suffering crippling cyber attacks, exposing essential information, and losing citizen trust. With a responsibility to protect the country’s most sensitive data, how can agencies bridge the gap between the perception of greater operational ease and security and the complex reality of cyber defense for the cloud generation?

Government experts and leading cyber practitioners gathered for Symantec’s Smart Government: Cyber Redefined Lunch <br> series to learn how access governance, information protection, and advanced threat protection can mitigate the risks inherent in government cloud adoption. The discussion allowed for opportunity to gain practical knowledge around the following key components of cloud security:

- Reigning in shadow IT and unauthorized apps

- Gaining full visibility into data and threats in the cloud

- Unifying cloud security with on-premise protection

- Enforcing a data loss protection policy that minimizes exposure without compromising functionality

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