Get a Life!: Recession puts premium on good management

During tough financial times, good morale can translate into continued productivity, recent surveys have found.

Last week’s blog on the Merit System Protection Board’s survey on employee engagement came to the attention of The Workforce Institute at Kronos Inc., which also had done a survey.

The Workforce Institute survey found that many employees at companies that have had layoffs in the economic downtown are less motivated than before. Sixty-four percent of respondents felt that there was too much work and not enough employees to do it. Half of those surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with their employers’ efforts to maintain morale.

These findings from the private sector are important as companies look ahead to growing their business as the economy improves. Having employees who are motivated and fully engaged in their work will mean continued productivity.

For government, the findings also sound familiar. Tight budgets, retirements and hiring restraints have placed more responsibility on federal employees. MSPB recommends that agencies recognize contributions and provide more feedback to employees. Commenters on the blog pointed out the importance of having positive working relationships with managers.

In a side note, a spokesman for the Workforce Institute survey added that recognizing contributions and providing feedback is especially important for Generation Y. They often want to make a larger impact than their role may require and expect immediate return for their work.

Companies that show interest in young employees and, he wrote, “lay out career paths and development plans (even in times when promotions may be on freeze) will keep their young talent for the future.” Not bad advice for government either.Merit System Protection Board