FCW Insider: Watching TSA's ITIP contract

There are many eyes on the Transportation Security Administration's Information Technology Infrastructure Program contract. The mega-contract, which , essentially contracts out TSA's IT infrastructure, as the name so aptly suggests. TSA went through the down-select process and was then There was a discussion late last week that TSA was just going to restart the whole thing. But now we are hearing that TSA is actually going to just do away with the down-select process -- essentially assess all seven bidders. (TSA had down-selected to three companies -- I was talking to one person today who has been chasing this down. This person noted that this is a fascinating study because it shows how agencies are dealing with protests. Essentially, they are giving in. (I heard somebody whisper )Other observations:* It will be much more costly for TSA to review seven proposals rather then just three.* The current Unysis contract expires at the end of the calendar year. Can one review seven contracts and get an award out the door a little more than four months?* My guess is the Navy team is watching TSA's situation very carefully.