FCW Insider: FCW.com's most-read stories for the week of Aug. 11

Yes, it was my birthday last week (Aug. 12, for those keeping track)... so highlighting the most-read stories on FCW.com last week.* Federal Computer Week, Aug. 11, 2008The Homeland Security Department has made great strides in three years in developing relationships with state and local law enforcement authorities, said Robert Riegle, director of DHS’ state and local programs. But as the department prepares to continue under a new presidential administration — its first transition — many questions remain.* FCW.com, Aug. 12, 2008The Office of Personnel Management finalized a rule that lets agencies group employees based on their pay systems or pay bands when planning job reductions. The rule became effective Aug. 11, OPM said in a Federal Register notice.Read the print story from the , which has more details, .* Federal Computer Week, Aug. 11, 2008Industry and government take different stands on who is responsible for pointing out conflicts of interest.* FCW.com, Aug. 13, 2008The Homeland Security Department awarded $11.7 million in grants for cybersecurity research to 13 recipients from industry and academia.* Federal Computer Week, Aug. 11, 2008The FCW interview with the new DHS CIO, Richard Mangogna.* Federal Computer Week, Aug. 11, 2008* Federal Computer Week, Aug. 11, 2008The Justice Department wants state criminal intelligence data systems to specifically include more intelligence about terrorism. * FCW.com, Aug. 8, 2008The Transportation Security Administration is the latest agency to learn firsthand about the challenge of protecting personal data stored on mobile computing devices.