FCW Insider: The July 14 Wagner update... with not much new to report

It has been eight days since Marty Wagner's accident. (See previous posts from We got a bunch of mail today, including one from a Senator. (See, Marty, people in high places are watching how you are doing!)

July 7 ... July 8... July 9... July 10...)

The headline: There is just not much new to report.

The family reports that Wagner is in a coma and that, given that he has been in that condition for nearly a week, doctors are telling the family that everybody should expect him to remain unresponsive for some time. Wagner is breathing well and hospital officials are doing everything they can to make him as comfortable as possible. The orthopedic surgeon is going to set him broken arm and he will get another MRI.

Wagner had an infection, but that seems to have subsided at this point.

Unfortunately for everybody, it is going to be awhile. I will be updating significant developments here. The family has also established a Care Page. This is a Web site that helps the family provide information about sick family members. You can find it at carepages.com. (Once there, you have to register... and then you can search for "MartinWagner" -- no space.) The family is updating when they can. Apparently, for example, Marty's daughter, Julia, is reading him the Harry Potter books.

A Wagner family friend who had spoken to Marty's wife, Elizabeth, reported that doctors are not saying how things are looking, either positively or negatively. Unfortunately, we just have to wait.

I'm sure the family knows that all of us are there to help however we can -- big or small.

And I will reiterate that if you want to send Marty or his wife, Elizabeth, or his three daughters or his family a card, I am happy to collect them. I will make sure they get to the family:

Marty Wagner
c/o Christopher Dorobek/1105 Media
3141 Fairview Park Dr., Suite 777
Falls Church, VA 22042

Marty -- stay strong! And to his family -- hang in there.