FCW Insider: More on the FCW Book Club and what are team Obama and team McCain reading

Earlier this week, I told you that we are going to be , and I've already been getting a number of suggestions of good books.That being said, there was a planning session for an event that is hosting in October on the presidential transition. The interesting tidbit coming out of that advisory board meeting is what one person knowledgeable with this kind of information tells me are the books that are on  for Team Obama's and Team McCain's the must read lists.So... here you go.For Team Obama, the book that his staff is reading is World by Fareed Zakaria.For Team McCain, the book that the staff is passing around is and the End of Dreams by Rogert Kagan.Those weren't recommended for the FCW Book Club. I just thought that one of them might be interesting.Other books that have been on people's recommendation list for the FCW Book Club. * by Richard Thaler, which talks about how to improve decisions -- and help others improve their decisions.* by Satish Nambisan, who is an associate professor of technology management and strategy at  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Lally School of Management and Technology. Nambisan actually wrote me about his book -- and I'm glad he did because it sounds fascinating. Earlier in April, Nambisan wrote a paper for the IBM Center for the Business of Government headlined . (NOTE: The link wasn't working for me on Friday. I'll try over the weekend.)* by Gordon MacKenzie which, I'm told, has to do with how to survive in a bureaucracy.One person send a whole selection of books, which is great. Some of them -- Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy -- seem a bit more dense then we are looking for. I also told him that I think it would be difficult to get Hugo and Tolstoy to agree to do a FCW eSeminar. But, some of his other suggestions:* by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox, which looks at business thinking.* by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff was recommended by somebody who .There are others, but... it's Friday and I've got to close the issue. Keep 'em coming by either sending me a note... or just post ideas here.

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