FCW Insider: Marty Wagner update

We that fell off his roof over the weekend and was in the hospital.We have an update this morning.Some details: Apparently, Wagner fell from the second story of his roof on Sunday. He broke his arm and hit his head on his driveway. This is serious stuff.The most recent report is that Wagner is in stable condition in the George Washington University Hospital. He is still in the intensive care unit, so he is not allowed to have visitors nor accept phone calls -- and, frankly, please don't bother him. This is very serious.His family reported that he is conscious, but he is heavily sedated.The good news is that things are looking... well, good. Marty's wife, Elizabeth, and his daughters have been talking to him, which is very positive news. As of right now, there are no signs that there is additional pressure on the brain, which is also good.That being said, and I hate to keep repeating it, but it bears repeating... this is a very serious accident and Wagner's doctors are watching the situation carefully... and we will know much more in the next few days.What can you/we do? Unfortunately right now, not all that much. I have told family friends that people are willing to help however they can and that all they need to do is ask -- even for small things. In the meantime, you can send him cards. If you want to send a card, just send it to me at the address below and I will personally make sure that they get to the family. You can send it to:You can also leave a note on . We have also created a , where we can post messages and offer support.Wagner's family noted that they deeply appreciate the calls, but at this point they are requesting no flowers. Right now, I think the best outlets are the Facebook links above... or put a card in the mail and I'll make sure they get delivered.I want to reiterate what we said yesterday: We are not reporting on Marty out of any prurient interest. The fact is he is one of the power players in our community and he is adored by so many people -- myself included -- and there are people who are concerned and want to help however they can. And, again, I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking, so... keep 'em coming.As soon as there is a more active way to help Wagner and/or his family, I will get that out to everybody.Thanks to the Wagner family friends for keeping his friends -- and me -- informed about his status. I'll post as soon as I know more.Get well soon Marty! We are all thinking about you.