FCW Insider: July 9 Wagner update

For those just catching up on the news about Marty Wagner... ... ... I don't have much new information yet this morning. For anybody who has spent much time in a hospital, developments don't always move at our 24/7 pace. I will attempt to pass along what I know as I know it while also giving the family some boundaries, of course.As many of you know, Wagner's wife, Elizabeth, works at the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA sent around a note yesterday afternoon. That note reports that Marty is in an induced coma while doctors conduct tests to determine the extent of the damage.FYI:Again, I don't think there is anything that we can do at this point. As soon as there is a way to help either Wagner or his family, we will rally the troops. I have reminded family friends that people are willing to help however they can and that all they need to do is ask -- even for small things -- dinners, even. In the meantime, if you want to send him a card, we are collecting them and we will make sure that they get to the family. You can send it to:You can also leave a note on . We have also created a , where we can post messages and offer support.

NOTE: This item was updated at 11:30a ET on Wednesday, July 9, 2008. Update at the bottom of this post.

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I have the sad responsibility to inform everyone in ORIA of a serious accident resulting in critical injuries to Elizabeth Cotsworth's good husband, Martin Wagner. Marty was at home alone Sunday morning, working on a third-floor balcony, when the railing broke and he fell two stories. Although I understand his only lower-body injury is a broken arm, he suffered major head trauma. When emergency staff arrived they recognized the seriousness of his situation and took him directly to George Washington University Hospital, instead of to nearby Arlington.GW has a renowned head-trauma emergency unit. As of today, Marty is in their ICU in an induced coma while doctors conduct tests to determine the extent of the damage. Marty's family is in town to stay with Marty, and to support Elizabeth and the girls.

We are all shocked and dismayed at this terrible event. Marty worked here at EPA as an economist a number of years ago, and a lot of us in HQ know him independently, and appreciate him in his own right for his intelligence, charm, and ready wit. He retired not a year ago from GSA and had been looking forward to the harvest of life. We are all pulling for a good result, although none of us has information right now that would tell us how much we may dare to hope for...

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UPDATE at 11:30a ET on Wednesday, July 9, 2008: I got a note from family friends on Wagner's status:

There is no significant change to Marty's condition as of last night. The good news is there is no rise in the pressure on the brain. However, he is unresponsive to current neurological tests and doctors anticipate he may remain that way for 4- to 5-days. Elizabeth has promised to provide an update if a change occurs. She also wanted me to convey her thanks for the outpouring of support. There is no way that she can provide her thank you to each and all of us but know that she is very grateful. Please share this message with others as appropriate and keep Marty in your prayers.

I'll keep you informed.