FCW Insider: Doan's humor bull's-eye…and the GSA water cooler question

So you've got to give Lurita Doan credit -- she has spunk…and a sense of humor.You may remember earlier this year -- actually, literally just before she resigned as the administrator of the General Services Administration -- she was at the GSA Expo and gave a speech in which she came on stage covered with arrows -- having survived the slings and arrows kind of thing. Despite my requests, I never got a photo of the event -- BOO! But…almost as good…Last week, after Federal News Radio announced that ousted GSA Administrator Lurita Doan was going to be providing commentary, I , and today, in the mail, arrives…an arrow -- yes, the kind of arrow that in his Saturday Night Live days.Touche, Ms. Dona.She also sent a very nice note.Meanwhile, you can hear Doan Tuesday morning on . She is co-hosting , although it will be without Temin and Norris, so Doan and Francis Rose will be filling in.Meanwhile, elicited this comment from some unnamed person calling themselves "Shep":The person then goes on to attack Jim Williams, the commissioner of GSA's Federal Acquisition Service and the GSA administrator nominee.The person then finishes up with:My response -- and I posted it as a response to this person's comment -- was to ask for an example of when we were "less than even handed" and when we "took the side of those who opposed real change at GSA."But aside from all that, the buzz within GSA is -- who is Shep?The comment was filed less than a half-hour after my post was filed, so it is somebody who is an avid reader…or has a well-tuned Google Alert. And it is clearly somebody who is a avid Doan proponent. Again, I ask Shep -- show me an example and I'll be happy to discuss it. I'll also note that Shep doesn't identify himself or  herself, which seems to speak for itself.

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Get a life and stop whining. Why would Lurita talk to you? Your articles about both GSA and her were less than even handed. You took the side of those who opposed real change at GSA. Why is [that] not at all clear.

Stop playing to the "darlings" of the community.