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NASA CIO joins the blogosphere and IBM gives us a peek at the government in 2020.

Source: NASALinda Cureton, chief information officer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, recently joined the ranks of CIO bloggers. Her first entry, on May 30, is “.” A sample grab: “When we become CIOs, we have to realize we are not working in a dictatorship and that we need change leadership competencies in order move the change agenda forward,” Cureton wrote. “The CIO’s failure to effectively execute the art of change leadership will result in change that is merely temporary or in 18-month CIO life cycles.”Source: IBMA report by IBM’s Institute for Business Value identifies six megatrends that are reshaping how government operates. Those trends — including changing demographics, environmental concerns and social-networking technology — are converging to create a perpetual collaboration mandate for government agencies.IBM has posted an executive summary of the “” report on its Web site, but users must register to receive the full report.Source: CRN explains how some familiar security threats are finding their way into the Web 2.0 world. takes readers through each threat — such as spyware, worms and phishing — and its impact on social-networking applications.“The explosion of social networking has reinvented communication as we know it, creating new opportunities to develop friendships, romances and business contacts all over the world — a fact which has not gone unnoticed by the malware authors and organized crime,” the article states.Source: A Baltimore bakery recently made a cake that — no kidding — re-creates the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. According to , the cake will be featured on “The Ace of Cakes” on the Food Network.“The ‘Trek’ cake is not the first pop-culture franchise that Duff Goldman’s bakery has taken on, the Web site reports. “In the past they have done Harry Potter, ‘Star Wars’ and others.”
A NASA CIO joins the blogosphere

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