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A Culture of Curiosity Can Push Government AI Adoption Forward

Despite many government leaders recognizing AI as an instrumental tool for future missions, some public servants remain hesitant to take a chance on the technology. Agency leaders can remove hesitancy toward AI tools by rewarding innovators who are willing to take risks and pilot the technology.

Why Government Leaders Are Turning to AI

Artificial Intelligence has empowered government employees to deliver on the mission. Today, agency IT leaders are turning to AI to extract data from growing mounds of records, address higher demands on social services and rethink outdated tools and processes for scale.

Building Better Community Involvement with AI-Powered Virtual Agents in the City of San Jose, CA

From answering an increase in calls to beautifying the city, AI-powered virtual agents helped the City of San Jose better serve constituents and improve community engagement.

3 Ways Government Can Successfully Deploy AI/ML

A quick Google search for artificial intelligence can lead readers to sensational stories portraying this technology in the best — and worst — possible ways.

Breaking down the CISA Directive

Practical advice on how federal agencies can gain visibility into their environment and remediate known vulnerabilities while meeting the directive’s deadlines.

Beyond EO 14028: How Federal Agencies Can Bolster Cyber Readiness for an Uncertain Future

The Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity provided a critical starting point for agencies to bolster their defenses — but there is still a long road ahead.

Safeguarding Unemployment Insurance Benefits from Fraud

Fraud mitigation techniques for individuals, employers, and state agencies.

Human-centric Digital Transformation: The Key to Effective Government Modernization

Digital transformation extends far beyond the implementation of new technology. When done correctly, digital transformation enhances organizational efficiency and productivity from the ground up, leveraging internal talent to drive mission success.

How Zero Trust Inverts the Traditional Security Paradigm

Tag the Data, Tag the People: Lessons on Zero Trust from a Former Intelligence Community Executive.