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Fortifying cyber resilience: Peraton's data-centric approach to government security

With today’s unprecedented data overload, agencies must invest in robust data management to build resilience and outpace threats.

How Policymakers Can Tackle the Complexities of AI Models

Diversity, precision regulation and governance are key to building responsible and trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) models.

Advancing Zero Trust Readiness: What Federal Agencies Can Do to Move the Needle on Internal Practices

Traditional security models are no longer enough to protect federal networks, data and devices. Here, private sector leaders discuss how public sector leaders can advance zero trust policies.

How Google Cloud AI Solutions Helped Hawaii Handle Post-Pandemic Tourism

The pandemic’s impact prompted a slew of technological needs some state and local governments had never before considered, but now can’t move forward without. To adapt, governments are adopting Google Cloud’s scalable, digital solutions that can be deployed cross-systems and automate sluggish manual processes, while providing citizens with the consumer-facing services they expect.