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A network in the middle of nowhere; Beat the heat

A network in the middle of nowhere
Disasters don’t always happen near accessible communications infrastructures. First responders often find themselves in remote areas, which makes it difficult to coordinate efforts. The same is often true of warfighters in the field and Customs and Border Patrol officers.

A new secure wireless access bridge from Fortress Technologies solves that middle-of-nowhere problem by functioning as a self-contained network or a secure wireless access point. It can quickly establish communications in environments that have no available infrastructure. You can place this device in the middle of a desert and have an instant network.

“There is a great demand for deployable solutions that allow you to put in instantaneous communications networks that are not attached to an infrastructure,” said Janet Kumpu, president and chief executive officer of Fortress Technologies.

The ES520 enables on-demand secure voice, video and data communications and is ideal for quickly setting up incident-response and tactical networks. Agencies could also use it for fixed wireless applications.

“One of the things that’s unique about this product is that we combine the capabilities of four products into one,” said John Dow, Fortress Technologies’ vice president of business development and marketing. Those products are a wireless access point, wireless bridge, switch and security gateway.

The compact device is portable and rugged. It weighs about 3.5 pounds and can operate in arid mountainous deserts or lowland jungles. “There is an emphasis not only on the features but also on the physical attributes required to deploy this product in harsh environments,” Dow said. The ES520 is no slouch when it comes to security. It uses Advanced Encryption Standard, and the company has submitted it for certification under Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 Level 2.

The ES520 is part of the Fortress Security System that includes a family of controllers, management software and security agents for client devices such as PCs and personal digital assistants.

Beat the heat
As sweltering temperatures sweep the country, we can’t help but think about air conditioning for ourselves and for our hard-working servers that are grinding away in the data centers.

It’s a great time for Peripheral Manufacturing to unveil the PER-12000A, a portable air conditioner for server and computer rooms.

Unlike other air conditioners that only cool the air, the PER-12000A can function as a dehumidifier and ventilator.

The unit will automatically restart after a power failure, and it is the only air conditioner on the market with a back-up reserve pump, so you don’t have to worry about excess water overflowing from the primary pump onto the floor.

Other features include an insulated compressor and tubing for internal heat reduction, insulated panels for quiet operation, and a painted internal cabinet to prevent rust.

Water does not flow over the condenser, which is another design feature that helps prevent rust and clogging.

The PER-12000A has a cooling capacity of 12,000 British thermal units per hour, three fan speeds and a manual safety drain. It also allows 24-hour programming.

Rotating louvers distribute air, and the system includes a 10-foot warm-air duct and ceiling kit.