CIO Briefing

Congress Studies the 3 Rs: Re-org, Re-clearance, Reauthorization

The bill that would name and shame hackers that attack U.S. targets also advanced.


Reddit's Case for Anonymity on the Internet

The site’s head claims that the policy of not collecting personal information allows people to be “more true to themselves.”

Emerging Tech

IRS Wants Artificial Intelligence To Guard Taxpayer Data

The tax agency wants to know if the AI and machine learning are mature enough to secure its systems from cyberattacks.

CIO Briefing

A Stanford Researcher Says We Shouldn’t Start Working Full Time Until Age 40

Why are we still packing all of our career and family obligations into a few frantic decades?

Emerging Tech

How Computers Parse the Ambiguity of Everyday Language

Words with multiple meanings pose a special challenge to algorithms.

Emerging Tech

General: Project Maven Is Just the Beginning of the Military’s Use of AI

Air Combat Command chief invites tech firms to help build next-gen tools for the Pentagon. Also says dissent "is part of being an American."


Banning Software Isn’t the Route to Cybersecurity, Nuclear Security Agency Official Says

The government should be focused on mitigating the danger any software can pose, rather than banning software from China and elsewhere, the NNSA CIO says.

Emerging Tech

Here’s What the White House’s AI Committee Will Focus On

The committee created two groups, one dedicated to machine learning and another for research and development priorities.


The Tech Industry Is Fighting Trump—and Mostly Losing

Legal opposition and strongly worded remarks could not defeat the president’s travel ban.

Emerging Tech

Another Shocking Delay for NASA’s Next Big Telescope

If the James Webb Space Telescope wants to get off the ground, it will need a blessing—and more money—from Congress.

CIO Briefing

Call for Nominations: What Does It Take to Be Bold?

Nominations are open for the annual Bold program, a showcase of federal innovation on the edge.


Only 6 Non-Federal Groups Share Cyber Threat Info with Homeland Security

The government’s big idea to bolster the nation’s collective cyber defense isn’t attracting private-sector participants.

IT Modernization

GSA: Phase II Centers of Excellence Bids Will Begin in July

Officials from the General Services Administration and Agriculture Department met with industry about the next phase of IT modernization efforts.