CIO Briefing

The Peaceful Transition of Government Twitter Accounts

House Republicans are taking the fruits of Twitter’s growth with them into the minority.

Emerging Tech

IBM Wants to Use Your Smartphone to Better Predict the Weather

The company wants to explore untapped sensors in phones to take barometric readings.

Emerging Tech

Air Force Turns to GSA Pilot for DevOps Platform

The Air Force is using GSA’s Commercial Solutions Opening pilot program to speed through the acquisition process.


Automation Can Make Agencies' Tough Budget Decisions Easier

A few agencies are using a new technology that will help them meet these budget targets without reducing programs.

Emerging Tech

L.A.’s Public Earthquake-Warning App Is the First in the U.S.

ShakeAlertLA aims to give smartphone users a few seconds’ warning of imminent quakes.

CIO Briefing

Defense Companies Starting to Feel Effect of U.S. Government Shutdown

Firms working for NASA, DHS, and other shuttered federal agencies are taking hits to their cash flow.

Emerging Tech

Survey: Americans Warming to Use of Facial Recognition Tech

Americans do not favor strict limits on facial recognition technology, according to a new national survey.

Emerging Tech

GSA Emerging Tech Leader Heads to the Private Sector

Justin Herman, who leads GSA’s Emerging Citizen Technology Office, is moving to the private sector.

CIO Briefing

Federal Business Opportunities Site and Others Online After Issues

Three important sites operated by the General Services Administration experienced technical problems last week.

Emerging Tech

Embracing Apple’s Boring Future

The company’s most exciting years may be behind it, but that’s okay.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon Seeks a List of Ethical Principles for Using AI in War

An advisory board is drafting guidelines that may help shape worldwide norms for military artificial intelligence — and woo Silicon Valley to defense work.


Election Security is a Key Part of House Democrats' Reform Bill

H.R. 1 would codify many of the security measures lawmakers have pushed for the last two years.

CIO Briefing

Trump Threatens Year-Long Shutdown, Says Feds Don’t Mind Missing Paychecks

“The people that won’t get next week’s pay, or the following weeks pay, if you ever really looked at those people they’d say, ‘Mr. President please keep going,’” Trump said.

IT Modernization

Lawmakers Reintroduce Legislation to Strengthen Federal CIO

The bill would elevate the authority of the federal chief information officer and chief information security officer.