IT Modernization

Do We Really Need to Meet In Person?

Videoconferencing is flawed, but it’s still better than the alternative.

Navy Eyes a Future Where IT Services Are Common—and Not Duplicated

Officials will first focus on core IT capabilities and expand as use cases demand. 

Help Celebrate the Boldest Projects in Government

Nextgov and Government Executive’s BOLD Gov showcases excellence in government—and nominations are open.

Lawmakers Ask How They Can Help Agencies Fight Crypto-enabled Ransomware Hacks

A new bill would require public and private entities to report on ransomware payments, including the nature of currency used, to DHS within 48 hours.

CISA Finalizes Guidance for Securing Federal Networks for Remote Users

The latest guidance is the third of four use cases to be released as part of the Trusted Internet Connection 3.0 initiative.

Federal CISO Considers Including Technology Modernization in Cybersecurity Metrics

Chris De Rusha is also thinking about how to use the Technology Modernization Fund to create a new shared services program for zero-trust implementation.

NSA Cyber Chief Spells Out Near-Term Priorities

Ransomware is a top concern, but the agency is also looking ahead to defending networked weapons and post-quantum encryption.

Supreme Court Ends Oracle’s JEDI Challenge

Oracle first challenged the Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract in 2018.

DHS Issues Roadmap to Help Organizations Prepare for Quantum Computing Threat

Officials say there’s a lot agencies and other entities should be doing, even though it may be more than a decade before a quantum computer can decode current levels of encryption.

IRS’ New Digital Case Management System Failed to Meet Early Expectations

The first releases did not include functionality end-users were expecting and failed to meet Section 508 accessibility standards.

DOD Now Continuously Monitoring Clearance Holders’ Credit and Criminal Records

The long-awaited change to the background investigations process will flag concerning information for further investigation.

5 Lessons Learned as the CISO for the U.S. Postal Service

Agencies cannot stop hackers from targeting them. But we can—and should—develop risk management strategies.

Health Technology in Action

In this special report, Nextgov examines how the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping technology tools and policies in health care.

White House Announces 7 TMF Awards with Big Focus on Zero Trust

Half of the awards announced publicly went to zero trust cybersecurity projects, with no funding going directly to pandemic response tech. One project remains classified.

NASA’s Planning a New Initiative to Train People How to Make Use of Its Space Data

A NASA initiative aims to teach the public how to effectively use open-source tools and software to answer data-centered questions on their own.

Congress Gets First Look At Upcoming TMF Awards

The federal CIO offered a few details of the project proposals received and upcoming award announcements.