IT Modernization

Religious Life Was Converting to Tech Before COVID

Livestreamed services, which people view from home, are the new normal.

What’s Next in IT Modernization

Pandemic or not, federal agencies continued efforts to update their legacy systems and adopt modern ways of buying, developing and implementing technology.

How Customer Experience Leaders Are ‘Hardwiring’ CX Across Government

Cross-pollination and communication among agencies are helping build the discipline of customer experience across government.

New Bill Would Codify States’ Ability to Use Federally Funded National Guard for Cybersecurity

National Guard troops currently being activated to monitor cybersecurity in the upcoming elections are paid for by states.

‘For the First Time In Many Years,’ OPM Has a Plan To Fix Its Tech

The agency will need funding, a skilled staff, consistent leadership and more funding to successfully implement the CIO’s latest plan, according to the inspector general.

Pentagon Will Move Primary Biometrics Systems to Amazon Cloud

The move means at least two of the government's biggest biometrics databases will live in AWS clouds.

Most Federal Workers Expect to Telework at Least Three Days per Week in the Future, Survey Says

But securing and managing the information technology that enables work from home is a top challenge during the pandemic, respondents indicated.

Stop the IT Blame Game

Agencies need visibility for the right people at the right time.

DISA’s Enterprise Identity Management Solution Targeted for Testing with Pilot Apps in January

The new enterprise identity, credential, and access management solution will support a shift to a zero trust architecture, Defense Information Systems Agency officials said .

VA-DOD Health Exchange Adds 15,000-Member Hospital Network

The CommonWell Health Alliance officially joined the joint health information exchange, broadening the government’s ability to digitally share patient data with private health care providers.

How RFPs Contribute to Failed Digitization Efforts

The procurement strategies of the past are no longer enough to meet the demands of the ever-evolving technology-enabled world we live in.

VA Takes Important Step in Prep for New Health Records Launch

The Veterans Affairs Department successfully transferred data of thousands of patients to its new electronic health records system.

Court Clarifies Timeline in JEDI Case

Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith issued deadlines through December for the Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract.

CBP Launches Website to Promote Transparency Around Biometric Travel Program

Privacy advocates say they still want better privacy protections for the agency's Entry-Exit program.