IT Modernization

Army Advocates More Funding for Modernization in Tech, Data and Weaponry

Officials testified before a Senate committee to ask for federal funding specifically to modernize and keep up with opponents like Russia and China.

Biden, Harris Unveil New Internet Connectivity Subsidies

The White House announced new federal credits for low income households to have access to high speed internet.

House Legislation Aims to Support U.S.-Made Circuit Boards

New bipartisan legislation falls in line with other bills aimed at promoting U.S. manufacturing of printed circuit boards and other critical electronic input materials.

DOD-VA Health Record Modernization Not Hitting Interoperability Targets, Watchdogs Say

In a joint oversight report, inspectors general at the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs say that some legacy health data isn't being migrated to new electronic health records systems.

GAO dismisses final CIO-SP4 protests

Awards will be announced by Nov. 1, and the ordering period of CIO-SP3 and CIO-SP3 small business will be extended.

Three Ways the Future of Work Must Change for Federal Employees

Federal officials and industry experts offered insights on what federal workplaces of the future need to look like.

VA Deploys New EHR Tech At Ohio Clinics

Officials announced that more interactive training and instructions are included as the VA fights to rollout upgraded EHR systems nationwide.

Microsoft, DoD Partners Celebrate Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

The company may have the chance to negotiate exclusive intellectual property rights—with an exception for the government—to innovations emerging from the collaboration.

GPO Says Improved Bill Processing Hinges On New Tech, Gov’t Employee Enthusiasm

Government Publishing Office Director Hugh Halpern testified during a hearing on modernizing the legislative process and highlighted his office’s plans to streamline the production of bills.

Lawmakers Quiz VA, Cerner Staff on Major EHR Problems

A House Veterans’ Affairs hearing examined why the agency’s EHR rollout continues to struggle, with lawmakers demanding Cerner address safety issues.

GAO: VA’s Multibillion-Dollar Financial System Overhaul Needs Hard Goals

User satisfaction seems to be rising with new deployments but auditors say it’s hard to measure using current metrics.

NSA Re-awards Secret $10 Billion Contract to Amazon

Amazon Web Services beat out Microsoft for the contract after a bid protest battle.

DOD’s Long and Winding Road to (Hopefully) Deploying an Enterprise Cloud

Every new delay should “be an alarm that goes off in the hearts and minds of those who are looking at how we can be competitive in the future against China,” according to one official.

Survey: No Clear Winner in Cloud Wars

The biggest potential differentiator is automated cloud migration services.

TMF announces first-ever investment in VA to support transition to new sign-in service

GSA's single sign-on shared service,, is about to have a major new participating agency thanks in part to the Technology Modernization Fund.