Feds Could Exploit Open Data Policies to Improve Management

At Nextgov Prime, we'll explore how agencies can take advantage of APIs to operate more effectively.

My colleague Brittany Ballenstedt has a blog post today about how innovative feds can use application programming interfaces to bypass reluctant leaders who may not see the value of changing the way their organization does business. Most of the discussion about APIs has focused on how data can be marshalled to improve citizen services or support entrepreneurs. 

But new open data policies are also creating opportunities for improving agencies' internal operations. It's an issue we'll be exploring at Nextgov Prime in Washington Nov. 20-21. In one session titled "The Federal Startup," Ben Balter, a former White House innovation fellow now at GitHub, will moderate a discussion about how some federal leaders are building lean, agile organizations to tackle big challenges. In another, Socrata's Safouen Rabah will talk to VA Chief Technology Officer Marina Martin and GSA senior API strategist Gray Brooks and others about how feds can tap APIs behind their agency's firewall to share data more efficiently and make more informed operational decisions.  

Registration for federal employees is free.