Cloud Computing Baffles Most Americans

But that doesn’t stop them from using what they don’t understand.

Feds are going full speed ahead transitioning key data storage and services to the cloud, but few Americans have any idea what that means apparently.

According to a survey released by technology firm Citrix Systems, 54 percent of Americans said they did not use cloud computing, when in reality nearly 95 percent of them do.  If they’re using Gmail or Facebook or Twitter, or pay bills or make reservations online, they’re using Web-based services and software -- precisely what cloud computing is.

Many respondents said the cloud is a “fluffy white thing” or something related to the weather. Nearly 51 percent of Americans, including many from the Millennial generation, believed that stormy weather can affect cloud computing (which incidentally is a concern, but not for the reasons respondents seem to believe). Cybersecurity also was a concern, with one-third of respondents claiming the risks were a deterrent for not adopting cloud computing.

While feds increasingly see the cloud as integral to government operations, there’s clearly a disconnect with citizens, even though many are using cloud services for banking, social media, gaming and email.