White House Boots @PressSec Back Up

On Monday Morning, new White House Press Secretary Jay Carney picked up where his predecessor Robert Gibbs left off and starting tweeting using the @PressSec account.

His first tweet continued a program, started by Gibbs, of taking questions from other Twitter users: "Ok, let's turn this machine back on. Jay Carney here, send your Qs my way and I'll answer a few soon," he tweeted.

The first question Carney answered was about his intended use of social media. He said he intends to use Twitter often to both answer questions and let people know what the White House is doing.

The account, which has nearly 154,000 followers, had been idle since Jan. 28. Gibbs' last day was Feb. 11.

In an accidental goof leading up to Carney taking over, White House Communications Director Daniel Pfeiffer initially alerted people on his Twitter account to send questions to @pressec, missing an s. Despite quickly correcting the tweet (he blamed the error on typing too fast on an iPad) numerous questions were sent to the wrong account, which is blank and not linked to the White House.

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