Looking for a Few Good Cyber Warriors

The U.S. Cyber Challenge, a division of the non-profit Center for Internet Security, launched an online competition Monday to identify 10,000 "cyber warriors" among high school students with the skills to pursue advanced education and job opportunities in cybersecurity.

The nationwide competition was chartered to identify young Americans with the aptitude to become cyber leaders in government, the military and the private sector. Those who do well may receive scholarships, internships and other opportunities.

The competition combines tutorials with a series of timed quizzes in three critical areas: networking, operating systems and system administration. The curriculum and contest were developed by The SANS Institute, a computer security training company.

"We must act now to develop a competent workforce that can support the needs of securing our cyber networks, which is quickly becoming a national priority," said Rep. Jim Langevin, D-R.I., co-chair of the House Cyber Security Caucus. "I hope this challenge will grow into a national model for inspiring and harnessing our young cyber talent."

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