Surprise! You're Stressed

"Two out of three IT managers say they're kept awake at night worrying about work," according to a survey reported by Information Week. Three quarters of survey respondents also "admit ongoing anxiety about application performance concerns," according to the survey conducted by TechWeb Network Research on behalf of OpTier, a provider of business transaction management software. ( is part of the TechWeb network.)

Survey respondents said the cause of their sleep deprivation and worry is "the complexity of their companies' IT infrastructure and poorly defined goals." Stress levels for information security technicians and executives could be even higher, says ComputerWorld's Martin McKay in his blog. And it's probably safe to say government IT managers (the survey included 272 private-sector systems and applications managers) are experiencing the same, if not more, stress, too. The private sector has never had to submit an annual IT business case to the Office of Management and Budget ensuring that agencies "eliminate redundant or non-productive IT investments." What do you say? Let us know how stressed (or not) you are about your IT job.

Update: Karen Evans, OMB e-gov chief, commented on this very subject this morning. Click "Comments" below to read it.