Sugar Daddy Dating Site Offers Obamacare Fix


Our site is far more complex than, SugarDaddyForMe says.

White House officials claim they’ve recruited the “best and brightest” for the fix; but somehow they missed these guys.

The “dating” website sent out a press release on Wednesday offering to pitch in on the fix, noting the site’s programmers “currently manage tens of millions of monthly visitors and have handled that massive traffic volume with more than 99.99 percent uptime and with complete security of member’s data since 2005”

The pitch concludes by noting that “many of the women on are single mothers, and most are in need of a working website that can provide their families the affordable health care they need. Therefore, the team of state-of-the-art, high traffic volume programmers have volunteered, at their own expense, to help make the website work perfectly.”

In other and sugar daddies meet news (Yes! There is other and sugar daddies news), SugarDaddyForMe competitor is promoting itself as a place for young women burdened by new health insurance costs to meet…er…benefactors.