Who do Govies Love on Twitter?

The answers are interesting but not always surprising.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Web designer Lee Munroe has built a tool that uses data culled from the handle to deduce the mysteries of the heart.

TwitAmore, which Munroe calls a “light humored Web app” pulls information about who you follow, tweet about and favorite to determine who you "love on Twitter.”

While the tool’s no Amy Webb, it is able to point out some clear truisms. President Obama and the first lady both love the White House, for instance. Why else would they fight so hard to stay there? And House Speaker John Boehner loves the Capitol. Fair enough.

Things get a little weirder in the government technology world. Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel loves federal Chief Technology Officer Todd Park, for instance. Park, on the other hand, loves Project RFP-EZ, the system built by a team of his presidential innovation fellows to simplify the federal acquisition process.

The General Services Administration’s new media office, alas, is a narcissist, loving itself best.

The GovExec and Nextgov team wasn’t above subjecting itself to Twitamore’s searing algorithm, by the way. It pointed out some bizarre office love triangles that will likely have us all in therapy for months.