But who are the grammarians backing?

Romney’s tweets keep it cleaner -- on grammar and punctuation at least.

Twitter published an interactive feature on Thursday that maps interest in President Obama's and Mitt Romney’s most popular tweets across the nation.

Interestingly, the most partisan tweets rarely map to the candidates’ natural political bases. Obama’s second most popular tweet nationwide, for instance, supported abortion rights and got the most play in Wyoming.  

The map also digs into the most popular candidate tweets state by state and the most popular tweets using particular keywords such as coal, teachers and military.

Among the 22 most popular national tweets for both candidates, however, a disturbing trend emerges. While Romney and staff seem to take great care with the Republican candidate’s tweets, Team Obama is prone to slip ups in grammar and punctuation.

This is, of course, forgiving both candidates several instances of Tweetspeak in the effort to cram their messages into 140 characters.

Punctuation nerds have already scolded the president for that pesky period at the end of his campaign slogan. Could the former Massachusetts governor make a late surge among grammarians as well?