D.C.’s Top Google Searches for 2013 Are So D.C.

"Hummus"  was among the top trending "what is" searches in DC in 2013.

"Hummus" was among the top trending "what is" searches in DC in 2013. tomer turjeman/Shuttestock.com

Results show Washingtonians are searching for today's top news and ways to escape from work.

If you were to describe Washingtonians, how would you do it? Job-focused? News-conscious? Always searching for the latest food trend? Trying to find ways to escape? Attempting to keep up with pop culture?

Google's annual top search results for Washington fit that description perfectly, and hilariously separate the District from the rest of the country.

Just take the top "how to" searches. Here is D.C.'s list:

  • How to Screenshot?
  • How to Wop?
  • How to Flirt?
  • How to Footnote?
  • How to Pray?
  • How to Paint?
  • How to Twerk?
  • How to Rap?
  • How to Run?
  • How to Relax?

And here's the top "how to" list for the rest of the country:

  • How to Tie a Tie
  • How to File
  • How to Get a Passport
  • How to Blog
  • How to Knit
  • How to Kiss
  • How to Flirt
  • How to Whistle
  • How to Unjailbreak
  • How to Vader

While the rest of the country is wondering how you—yes, you, well-dressed Hill staffer—tie that perfect double Windsor knot, or how you—yes, you, savvy political journalist—write that hard-hitting blog post, you're focused on other things.

Google, how do I flirt with that lobbyist? Google, how to do I pray after selling my soul with the latest Senate vote? Google, how do I run like all those healthy people in Rock Creek Park? And, Google, how in the hell do I relax from my stupid 14-hour-a-day job?

Or take the top trending "what is" searches. Here is Washington, again:

  • What Is Twerking?
  • What Is Ricin?
  • What Is Path?
  • What Is Sequestration?
  • What Is DOMA?
  • What Is Obamacare?
  • What Is CISPA?
  • What Is Easter?
  • What Is Bitcoin?
  • What Is Hummus?

And the top "what is" searches for the U.S.:

  • What Is Twerking?
  • What Is Ricin?
  • What Is DOMA?
  • What Is Molly?
  • What Is Gluten?
  • What Is Sequestration?
  • What Is Obamacare?
  • What Is Lupus?
  • What Is Snapchat?
  • What Is Bitcoin

Although these searches follow more closely to national trends, there are some differences from the average Washingtonian and the rest of America. Yes, Americans were concerned about the revelations from the Edward Snowden leaks about the National Security Agency. But you, senior House aide, took the next step and looked up the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

And, seriously, what exactly is hummus and why is it so good? Bravo, Georgetown law student, for looking that up. Now you can serve it at your next party, practicing for the many fancy parties you have in your future.

Other top search categories, such as "top trending events" and "top trending news," show that Washington is paying attention to the bigger stories of the year, such as the Boston Marathon, government shutdown, inauguration, and, of course, this year's cherry blossoms.

DCist has more of the top searches for Washington.

(Image via tomer turjeman/Shutterstock.com)