Five Reasons Drones Will Not Be Delivering Your Pizza

Anna Hoychuk/

It's technically possible but as a mainstream practice remains unfeasible.

Based on news like this, the drone economy of the future can seem like it’s just around the corner, but don’t get carried away: Bloomberg reports that venture capitalist Tim Draper, backer of startups like Skype and Baidu, recently backed software startup DroneDeploy, a land mapping software technology firm for unmanned commercial drones. In just the first nine months of 2013, investors poured $40.9 million into startups working on commercial drone applications.

Draper told reporters in an email that, “Everything from pizza delivery to personal shopping can be handled by drones.”

The idea isn’t inconceivable. Last year, Domino’s Pizza UK and marketing firm T+biscuits attracted attention with their Domicopter video, which features an eight-rotored remote-control helicopter, taking a 10-minute flight over picturesque Guildford, UK to deliver two pizzas.

While the stunt showed that it’s possible to deliver pizza by drones, visit Quartz to for the five reasons why mainstreaming the practice still isn’t feasible.